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Lagos 2023: PDP’ll Run An Inclusive Govt. – Jandor

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Lagos State, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Adediran, commonly known as Jandor, has guaranteed locals that if he wins the upcoming general elections, he will lead an inclusive administration that prioritizes the needs of the general populace.

Adediran made this commitment while touring the wards in the Ikorodu Local Government Area and meeting with representatives from the many communities he visited.

He claimed that the reason he chose to move around the state and visit the various wards and communities was because the residents were deserving of his time. He did this to determine the challenges each community was facing, to have first hand information about the challenges facing them.

The governorship candidate said that  he takes note and record the  challenges and if he elected in the forthcomin gelecton, he would find solutions to those problems, stressing that people of Lagos State have been in servitude for years because, some politicians deceived them in the past and failed to deliver on the promises made to them.

He noted that,he chose to run for the post of governor   to liberate the people of the state

According to him: “Let the opposition party do any thing they like,even let them go and borrow money to run election,they will not win, we will run masses government, I chose to go round the state,to see those we want to rule over.

“We have noted the challenges facing each community we visited,. I shall return to those communities to do the necessary corrections.We will tour all the 19 wards in Ikorodu Local government.”

Speaking about reason  he chose his running mate, Funke Akindele,who is an Ikorodu indegene, said “It was a promise he made to my mentor, Princess Adenrele Adeniran- Ogunsanya,that if i succeeded in getting a ticket, my running mate would be from Ikorodu, and must be a female. The decision was taken long ago, ever before I joined the PDP.

Jandor, therefore, urged his audience to ensure they vote the PDP candidates in all the elections, pointing out that the presidential election was paramount  to his victory in the governorship election, because if Atiku Abubakar emerges victorious in the presidential election, his victory in the governorship poll would be easier.

Adediran urged the electorate to shun those who want to add sentiment to voting, and advised them to vote for merit, which the PDP presidential candidate stands for.

Akindele in her remarks urged the electorate to vote the PDP because the major reason she and Adediran are in the race was to correct the anomalies and remove hardship that  the party in power in the state has brought on the people.

“We decided to run to bring change and development, you should all get your Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) and come out en mass to vote, because we need to change the party in power by voting for the PDP and your votes would make the difference, it is not by violence,” she said.

The leaders of the various communities visited, complained that so many politicians visited them in the past during elections and  made promises to them, but had always reneged on such promises.

Some of the community leaders also indicted those in government for neglecting them by failing to  provide social facilities.They complained that, their roads are bad, they don’t have public schools, and neither do they have markets nor clinics.

They complained that they had to resort to personal efforts to keep their roads in order, and that, the situation gets worse during raining season.

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