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200 Fresh Nigerian Doctors Flee To UK Within 60 Days, Swell List To 8,384

In the months of April and May alone, the General Medical Council, which licenses and maintains the official registry of medical practitioners in the United Kingdom, licensed at least 200 Nigerian doctors.

This means that at least three Nigerian Dictors were licensed every day in April and May 2021, despite the UK government’s February announcement that it would discourage aggressive recruiting of physicians from 47 developing countries, including Nigeria, that face a doctor shortage at home.

In the last ten months, our correspondent has seen that the number of Nigerian-trained doctors practicing in the UK has increased to 8,384 from 7,870, a difference of 514.

Average number of Nigerian trained doctors in the UK rose from an average of 1.3 per day in between July and December 2020 to 3.3 per day in April and May 2021.

Between June 7 and June 8, 2020 – a space of 24 hours – about seven Nigerian trained doctors were licensed by the UK.

Nigeria has the third highest number of foreign doctors working in the UK after India and Pakistan.

However, Nigeria suffers a shortage of doctors.

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria puts the total number of registered doctors in Nigeria at 74,543 for the country’s population of about 200 million.

This puts the doctor-patient ratio in the country at 1:3,500.

This falls far below the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of 1:600.

Also Ay poll by NOI in 2018 also showed that 88 per cent of Nigerian doctors are considering work opportunities abroad, but experts say the figure may be higher due to the rising insecurity and economic crunch.

Other popular destinations for Nigeria trained doctors include United States, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

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