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2024 Hajj: FCTA Debunks Claims of Pilgrim Negligence

The Federal Capital Territory Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board has firmly denied allegations of negligence and poor treatment of pilgrims during the 2024 Hajj. These claims, which surfaced on social media, were dismissed as false and baseless by the board.

Dr. Abdullahi Isa Kaura Mata, Chairman of the Ministerial Committee for the 2024 Hajj exercise, rebutted the accusations, asserting that the FCT had made extensive preparations for its pilgrims, securing high-quality accommodations in Makkah and Medina. He emphasized that these arrangements were selected not only for their comfort but also for their proximity to the Haram, enabling pilgrims to perform their five daily prayers conveniently.

Dr. Kaura Mata highlighted the rigorous measures taken to ensure the well-being of the pilgrims, including the establishment of a subcommittee dedicated to monitoring and inspecting the food services. “The FCT Administration takes the safety and well-being of the pilgrims very seriously,” he stated. “We have set up a subcommittee to inspect the kitchens and facilities of our food vendors to ensure compliance with our standards.”

Our correspondent in Makkah reported that the board had assembled a high-powered Feeding Committee to oversee the quality of food and services provided. This committee is actively engaged in regular inspections and meetings with the food vendors to ensure adherence to the contractual agreements.

“The Director of the FCT Muslims Pilgrims Welfare Board, Abubakar Evuti, and the feeding committee are constantly meeting with the management of the contracting company to monitor services and protect the interests of the FCT contingents,” Dr. Kaura Mata added. “The team has visited these kitchens and confirmed that everything is being done according to the agreed menu. These false narratives about poor feeding and dirty accommodations are unfounded.”

He urged pilgrims to disregard the misleading social media posts and focus on their spiritual duties during the Hajj. “I urge you all to disregard these accusations. They are baseless and only aimed at distracting you from your primary reason for being here,” he said.

One pilgrim, Mr. Umar Shaiubu, a politician and former Coordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), expressed his disappointment with the negative social media posts. “I am here to seek Allah’s forgiveness and blessings, not to post about the food I am eating,” he said. “Some of us are too focused on social media instead of devoting our time to worship and prayer.”

Mr. Shaiubu stressed the importance of positive representation and gratitude. “If you compare what we are receiving to other places, you will notice that we are well taken care of. Unfortunately, people are quick to criticize but slow to commend the management for their efforts.”

He called on FCT pilgrims to be good ambassadors for Nigeria, urging them to share positive stories about their experiences. “Let’s focus on saying positive things about our country and states instead of seeking relevance on social media all the time,” he concluded.

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