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Abuja Indigenes Advocate for Mayoral status, Launch Community Mayoral Election

Abuja Original Inhabitant Youths Empowerment Organisation (AOIYEO), has advocated for the nation’s capital to be given Mayoral status. This, according to them is to ensure effective inclusiveness in governance.

The group also addd that, the lack of community participation in the decision making process puts the indigenes in jeopardy and at the losing end, saying, the principal concern for local administration in the FCT ought to be that of local service delivery.

Saying, we (Indigenes) have decided to change the narrative and rewrite history by organizing a Community Mayoral Election, where leaders will be closer to the people to know their plights and fashion out ways to solve them.

AOIYEO made this known on Tuesday at a press conference to herald the planned Mayoral Election proposed for 18th of May, 2021.

The Secretary General of the Organisation, Yahuza Abubakar, said Abuja deserves leadership that will reflect the mind of young, ambitious, and scrappy nature of its growing electorates.

He, however, explained that the expected Mayor of FCT would be a non-partisan office where, despite individual party affiliations, candidates are not selected by any parties or represented by any political party on the ballot paper.

He also hinted that section 301 of the Nigerian constitution, which made the President as Governor of the FCT and the vice president, the Deputy Governor, also permits the president to appoint a minister who exercises powers delegated by the President in place since 1976, successive Presidents have utilized this power, notwithstanding its inherent flaws.

His words ; “Abuja’s leaders have owed their mandate to the President, not to the people. We have witnessed celebrated Nigerian Governors drawing support for policies, taking direction from their electorate, except in the FCT.

“The Minister owes her mandate to the President; the citizens of the state have little influence on policy concerning community security, socio-economic and political developments or evolvement.

” FCT Community Mayor will be elected and recommended to the Minister for appointments, in order enhance citizens-government relationship.

” The Community Mayor will also work hand in hand with the minister/Presidents to avoid disenfranchisement of original Abuja citizens, who are mostly treated with disregard, and further bring Federal government policy closer to the Abuja original inhabitants.

“The FCT Community Mayor when elected, will represent FCC with representatives across all communities within FCT, who shall have the responsibilities to furnish the Mayor with information concerning community and youth demands, security challenges as encountered by the Emir or Chief in their kingdom and all others socio-economic request to the Mayor, who shall relay same Mayor to government through the FCT Minister.

He continued; “We believe that if this election is conducted and the right people, which are the Mayor and 62 Councillors of the FCT, are elected into offices, it will also go along way to curbing crimes and other social vices in the FCT, because it would help in engaging more youths positively when the opportunities arise.

“Mayoral candidates would also be required to have been resident in the city of Abuja for at least 10 years, perhaps even having contributed to the city’s coffers through payment of tax.

“The process of the election into the office of Mayor of FCT will be indirect election, and will be conducted by carefully selected 20 delegates by Community Chiefs and Emirs representing the Six Area Council which include: Abaji, Kuje. Kwali. Gwagwalada, Bwari and AMAC”, the group stated.

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