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After eight months, FCTA resumes demolition at Mpape.

Eight months later, on Wednesday, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) carried out more cleanup work by deploying bulldozers to shield the Mpape people from crime and traffic jams.

After eight months of demolishing shanties on the perpetually busy road, Comrade Ikharo Attah, the Senior Special Assistant on Monitoring, Inspection, and Enforcement to the Minister of FCT, claimed that the illegal structures had returned on the road corridors, which had become a haven for undesirable characters in the neighborhood.

He explained that the administration had received information of illicit activities along the road corridor from the Crush Rock location all the way down to the old market area.

As stated by Attah, the cleanup will improve the city’s sanitation, fight against encroachment and curb reported cases of criminal activities.

He stated that illegal operations in Mpape area which is adjacent bustling Maitama District in Abuja must be checked.

“After eight months, we are back to Mpape because the criminals have returned to the crush rock area. We have gotten report that they are back, so we have to quickly come and clear them.

“We are doing two things here, revisiting of sanitation exercise, freeing of the road, encroachment and curbing of criminal activities especially within the crush rock area.

“The FCT Administration recently launched tourism roadmap, that means that the crush rock area is needed this will change the narrative of tourism, with this cleaning up criminals won’t disturbed people going to the tourist area.

“We have also knocked down criminals’ hideouts behind the banks’ area which is the commercial hub. This shows that we are winning in our fight against criminal elements in Mpape”

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