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Cattle Merchants Demand #475billion Compensation Over Members’ Killings,

Threatens Nation Wide Strike

As the present insecurity situation bedeviling the country heightens, the Amalgamated Union Of Foodstuff and cattle merchants of Nigeria has given the federal government seven days ultimatum to respond to its demand of #475billion as compensation over the killings of its members and loss of properties during the Sasa crises and endSARS protest.

Briefing journalists in Abuja over the incessant killings of its members nation wide, the General Secretary of the Union Comrade Ahmed Alarama said 151 of its members were killed during the Sasa crises, while more than 100 members were killed during the endSARS protest.

He expressed worry over the incessant members of their members across the thirty six states of the Federation including the FCT.

The union added that it has forwarded several complains and also had several engagements with the Presidency, security agencies and other relevant authorities with none taking adequate measures to address their plight.

He said failure of government to address the issues within the seven days ultimatum, the union will be left with no option than to embark on a nation wide strike.

“To add to voices of what is going on in the country, we have written the National Assembly of the problem we are having in Nigeria, specifically there is disunity, there is distrust among Nigerians and we feel it is time for the authorities to do something about it, otherwise it will create a situation where the country will go into chaos and that is what we are trying to avoid.

“In fact we have written to the United Nations, American Embassy, British Parliament, German authorities complaining of incessant killings that has been going on from the period of the hashtag #EndSARS to this recent one that took place at Shasha. In fact, earlier we have given 21 days ultimatum within which something should be done otherwise, we will have to take an action,”he threatened.

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