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COVID-19: 177,600 J&J Vaccine Doses Will Be Distributed To Hard-to-Reach Areas, FG

The federal government has said that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a one-dose effective vaccination, with the 177,600 doses targeted at people living in hard-to-reach locations (riverine areas, desert areas, hilly areas, and security-compromised areas) and the elderly.

This is because they may find it difficult to leave their houses to go to the health institution for a second dose immunization.

Dr. Faisal Shuaib, Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), said the flag-off is required to raise awareness about what would be done differently to achieve a more successful immunization campaign.

He stated this at the National Flag-off of Phase 2 COVID-19 Vaccination in Nigeria, which took place on Monday, August 16th, 2021 in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

He also mentioned that they will be receiving 698,880 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine today through the COVAX facility, thanks to a contribution from the UK government.

These doses will be given to people who are scheduled for their second AstraZeneca vaccination dosage.

We expect up to 3.9 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines in the coming weeks to supplement what we now have and guarantee that we cover not only those who will be receiving their second AstraZeneca vaccine, but also those who will be receiving their first dose of this vaccine.

These are his words;”In order to prepare for the start of Phase 2 vaccination, we have trained 40,739 state level individuals, including our health professionals and partners, on our phase 2 strategic vaccine roll out strategy.

We understand that since Nigeria began receiving different brands of COVID-19 vaccine, there have been many questions and concerns about what brand differences mean for the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

We’re also aware that saboteurs are still lurking around the corner, ready to produce fake information to mislead people about vaccinations.

I want to reassure Nigerians that NAFDAC has validated all brands of COVID-19 vaccination used in Nigeria as safe and effective, particularly against the Delta variety.

“We believe that overcoming misinformation and disinformation will not only help us overcome vaccine apprehension, but will also help the country recover from the economic downturn brought on by COVID-19.

As a result, our Crisis Communication Centre has been strengthened to provide rapid data analysis in support of aggressive public information management on COVID-19 immunization in the country “.

Meanwhile, Dr. Walter Kazadi Mulombo, WHO Country Representative, stated that the introduction of these vaccinations comes with a significant logistical preparation for the storage of Moderna vaccine.

The Federal Government’s large investment in the procurement and installation of Ultra Cold Chain equipment at the national strategic store and state cold stores has pleased partners.

He believes that this is a good sign of national and state government leadership that is committed to having its citizens immunized against the disease.

These are his remarks; “Based on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 Phase 1 implementation, we are confident that the Nigerian government will be able to overcome all obstacles for a successful Phase 2 rollout.

“The integration of Primary Health Care (PHC) services with COVID-19 immunization at fixed points (also known as the “Whole of Family” strategy) is being proposed.

If correctly implemented, this intervention will ensure that customers do not miss out on routine PHC services during COVID-19 immunization, boosting the country’s health indicators.

“Vaccines are a vital instrument in the fight against COVID-19, as I’ve often stated in several forums.

These vaccines are safe and effective, and they will change the game; however, for the time being, we must continue to wear masks, keep a safe distance, and avoid crowds.

“We’d want to remind everyone that the majority of nations, including Nigeria, are currently witnessing COVID-19 epidemics in their third waves,” he added.

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