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Covid-19: FG To Re-examine Treatment Strategy

… As FG Partners WHO On Treatment Tegimen Solidarity Trial In FCT, Lagos, Others


The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire has hinted that the federal government is considering to reexamine the treatment strategy used in containing the dreaded coronavirus.

While adding that the Federal Government is cooperating with the WHO on treatment regimen Solidarity trial with the following states enrolled; Lagos, FCT, Ogun, Kaduna, Sokoto and Kano.

Saying, Senior management of the Federal Ministry of Health and clinical case managers in our hospitals, this participated in a multinational teleconference with Chinese medical and academic experts in Beijing, where much insight was gained into the treatment strategy of China and other matters of common interest were discussed.

He made this known on Monday in Abuja at the daily briefing on the presidential Task Force on Covid-19, saying, the learnings from this intervention are invaluable in reexamining our methods.

He further stated that, “It is important that our response to COVID-19 be a concerted national, collaborative drive, to stand a better chance of being effective. This requsite synergy cuts across tiers of government, levels of care and builds on partnerships to get it right for Nigeria. It must be sustained and or extended, with room for interstate collaboration. So far, our efforts are yielding result as shown in states where panic and scare were initially rife, but now subsumed.

” As restrictions are eased, I urge citizens to adhere to NCDC guidelines of safety and public health advisories on infection prevention and control. These include mandatory use of cloth masks outside of homes and physical distancing. With regard to the use and maintenance of masks, it is important to emphasize that the mask must cover both your mouth and your nose, most especially during face-to-face conversation. It should not be under your chin, lest the purpose is defeated. Cloth masks must be washed with soap and water daily and sundried or ironed

“Kogi and Cross River States have not reported any cases, but we are optimistic that we can work with the State Health Ministry to validate this in due course, when we engage the State authorities. A team from the FMoH, made up of experts from various specialties, including NCDC, is on standby to proceed to Calabar as soon as travel arrangements can be made, taking with them, resource to support the health system

“As at the end of yesterday, Nigeria has ramped up testing by 1,127 to a total of 27,078 tests, which yielded 4,399 cases in 35 States, with a gender ratio of 70 to 30 percent for men and women. 778 persons have been discharged home and we have sadly recorded 143 datalities, giving a case fatality rate of 3%. The new cases breakdown is as follows: Lagos 81, Jigawa 35, Bornu 26, Kano 26, Bauchi 20, FCT 13, Edo 12, Sokoto 10, Zamfara 7, Kwara 7, Kebbi 4, Gombe 2, Taeaba 2, Ekiti 2, Ogun 2, Osun a Bayelsa 1”, he stressed.

Speaking on the Ministerial Task Team deployed to Kano State to assist in the containment effort and provide direction in managing the COVID-19 situation has made significant gains, together with line directors from the Federal Ministry of Health and the Irrua Team, the following milestones are being attained: Enhancing community confidence; Continuous training snd capacity building to increase the pool of trained healthcaret workers (doctors, nurses, hygienist, etc), food handlers; More than 100 ambulance drivers and patient handlers have been trained, who have since been rendering service; The surveillance and Epidemiology pillar organized a training session for state workers who have commenced field work ; and The investigation into unexplained deaths in the State is yet to complete its work.

On Katsina, the minister said that the Presidential Task Team lead by Dr. Gwarzo and three experts including Infectious disease specialists visited Katsina state for situation analysis and were able to offer support. A detailed report is awaited and is expected to provide a roadmap to addressing the challenges in line with the response pillars; A contingent of the FMoH team in Kano will also visit Bauchi State on a fact finding mission, and engagethegovernment to map out needs; and A team will later visit Sokoto at the invitation of the State authorities on a similar mission.

With our entry into the community transmission phase, there is an increased role for the NPHCDA, who shall now play a stronger role in the health sector response architecture. This will include activities from case finding to case management of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic cases, he added.

He, however, urged Health workers at the frontline, our human resources, trainers, and hands-on practitioners alike, who make care possible and the most important element of our response. Your contributions are recognised and we doff our hats to your service.

He added that, the ThisDome treatment center, a project of the Coalition Against COVID-19 (Cacovid) is complete and ready for commissioning tomorrow. The Minister of FCT will participate in the event. This center is fully self contained, coming with a PCR Laboratory, a fully equipped ICU and an incinerator. This over 260 bed facility adds tremendous boost to the FCT capacity and capabilities.

He urged Nigerians to observe daily advisory on personal and respiratory hygiene at all times, to cough and sneeze into disposable tissue and dispose of it, or into your sleeve, avoid crowds, practice frequent handwashing and use sanitizers.

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