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Double Celebrations For Hilda Baci As She Becomes Landlady At Yomade Heritage Estate

Game-changers in the real estate sector, Zealand Properties has named Hilda Baci as the newest landlady at one of its estates, Yomade Heritage in Epe. Baci is the holder of the most recent Guinness Book of World Records.

Hilda Baci signed and received her land paperwork earlier today at Zealand’s headquarters in Ikeja, thus establishing her as the landlady at Yomade Heritage.

Recall that when Hilda Baci attempted to break the previous Guinness World Record for a cooking marathon, Zealand Properties had earlier offered to give her a parcel of land at Yomade Heritage Estate worth N5.7 million as a gift.

After receiving her land document and discovering the investment potential in Yomade Heritage, Baci said she’d cash in on the current price and buy one more plot of land for herself

“I’m super excited because they were so kind to gift me a plot of land in one of their prime locations in Epe, and trust me, at the price that they are currently selling, I’d probably buy one for myself because it honestly feels like a steal”.

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Zealand Properties, Mr. Adedeji Agarawu while addressing Hilda Baci stated that her drive and hard work was worthy of emulation by other youths and she deserves to be rewarded.

“I appreciate hard work, and what you pulled out there was incredible hard work. You must have gone the extra mile and conquered a lot of fear to have achieved your feat”.

Hilda Baci’s confirmed new record of 100 hours 40 minutes in a cook-a-thon has officially surpassed India’s Lata Tondon who set the record in 87 hours 45 minutes in 2019.

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