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FCT- DRTs To Crush 1,500 Seized Bikes, Vows To Sustain Exercise

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) said plans are under way to crush 1500 motorcycle popularly known as ‘Okada’.

The Okadas about to be crushed were impounded by the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) otherwise known as Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) from riders who violated traffic rules and regulations in the nation’s capital.

Dr Abdulateef Bello, the Director Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) made this known when he paid an on the spot visit to the DRTs Task force office in Wuye to acquaint himself with the activities of the task team.

His words, “Like we did the last time, this motorcycles have been impounded and awaiting crushing excersie, they are motorcycles that were arrested , contravening the law and regulations , driving against the traffic within the Federal Capital City (FCC)

“Right now we have over one thousand two hundred waiting to be crushed. As much as the excersie is ongoing, we are calculating by our estimation when we have one thousand five hundred motorcycles, then we begin another second round of the crushing.

“These motorcycles were impounded within three to four months, we did the last excersie around November/ December, then we started assembling the newly impounded motorcycles”.

Bello, however, said that, government will not rest on its oars untill the nation’s capital is free from Okada that constitute nuisance and security threat.

He caution Okada riders to obey the rules and the restrain order not to ply the FCT routes, saying, “they should stay within the confined areas such as estates and market places, not to approach the high ways, so all those that contravene will face this particular punishment of having their bikes crushed”.

Speaking on what they will use the crushed Okada for, the DRTs boss said, it will be giving to auctioneers who have use for the parts .

Saying, it can be converted to order economic use that will inturn help to eliminate porverty in away and also boost our revenue generation in FCT.

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