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FCTA Considers Countering Illegal Street Naming Cartel with Anti-Corruption Measures

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has hinted that it would file a lawsuit against a cartel that is thought to have given Abuja’s streets illegitimate names.

Indicating that the legal dispute over the issue would be settled amicably, with the agreement of all parties, between FCTA and the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC).

At a joint press conference on Thursday, Umar Shuaibu, the coordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), made a statement to provide additional clarity on the pressing issue.

Despite the FCT High Court’s judgment about street naming being appealed, all parties, including the AMAC leadership, have agreed to establish an interagency committee to take all pertinent aspects into consideration.

Shuaibu made it clear that FCTA was following the law as a major provider of infrastructure in the Capital City rather than taking over AMAC’s duties.

He equally hinted that it’s intervention in the issue was to restore the integrity of the process,  alleging that investigation has exposed unscrupulous individuals who were  adultrating it for personal gains, using AMAC as a cover.

According to him: ” The existence of a cartel who are operating for their personal aggrandizement using the AMAC as a cover.  Even the AMAC leadership is not aware of the extent of the damage and quantum of corruption perpetrated in the name of Street naming under it.

” As such the FCTA is going to engage the anti-corruption agencies to ensure that all those involved in the infamous activities are brought to books or face the wrath of the law”, he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Executive Chairman of AMAC, Christopher Maikalangu stated that his council was interested in having a harmonised process for the purpose of achieving a desired result. 

He, however, claimed ignorance of the rot in the street naming process, saying the committee in charge of it had been in place before he came into office.

He however, assured that the Council would co-operate  with FCTA on the issue to find a lasting and mutual beneficial solution. 

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