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FCTA Vows To Arrest Syndicates Bringing Beggars Into Abuja, Apprehends 150 beggars

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on Tuesday vowed to arrest and prosecute syndicates that always bring beggars to into Abuja in large number from states across the country to constitute public nuisances.

FCTA through its combined team of Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) and Social Development Secretariat (SDS) during an enforcement exercise apprehended 150 beggars.

The Chairman, FCT Ministerial Taskforce on City Sanitation, Comrade Ikharo Attah made this revelation while briefing newsmen immediately after the enforcement exercise in Abuja, saying, this is part of the FCTA renewed efforts to rid the Federal Capital City (FCC) of public nuisances and enhance adequate security.

According to him; ” We realized that the syndicates drop beggars at strategic positions in town to make money for them. FCT is going all out to get them and ensure that they are prosecuted.

” In the last two days over 150 beggars have been apprehended across the city and more arrest is still on going.

” But what is very fundamental and cardinal some of this persons are being brought by other persons into the FCT. You will see young people guarding blind aged men, we felt that is not what the city should be.

“We also felt for them that is why the FCTA is investing resources to train them. However, we are targeting very strongly the syndicate that always bring them to into Abuja in large number from states across the country.

He continued; “The FCTA authority observed with dismay the alarming rate of beggars in the city throughout the Ramadan period due to high level of arms giving and charity by individual and corporate organisations.

“Those apprehended were taken to the Bwari Area Council Center for Rehabilitation, adding that FCT have a functional rehabilitation and training centre for such persons.

” Sadly, very few of them stay there and get fully rehabilitated, while many others find their way to run and sometimes they request to be allow to go back to their states”, he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Kaka Bello, Head of Monitoring and Inspection, AEPB, said begging was nuisance related, adding that AEPB was determined to rid the city of all kinds of environmental nuisance.

He also explained that the activities of beggars was a kind of nuisance that was suppose to be abated, assuring that the operation would be sustain.

” We have a matching order by the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Bello to ensure that the movement of beggars within the city is check and stop.

He further stated that, ” That is why we are working all round both day and night to ensure that no beggar is allow to move in the city”.

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