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FCTA Vows To Punish Defaulting Staff Over Alleged Viral Video On Maitama Hospital

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) on Wednesday vowed to punish defaulting staff over an alleged viral video purporting an accident victim was rejected by Maitama District Hospital. 

While adding that the administration had commenced a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the veracity of the said viral video on the social media.

Recall that a short video produced in hausa language, went viral on social media two days ago, suggesting that an accident victim was brought to the emergency unit of the hospital, but was rejected. 

However, the Acting Secretary, FCTA Health and Human Services Secretariat, Dr. Muhammed Kawu who spoke in behalf of the administration stated that the investigation over the video was to ensure that no staff jeopardises the efforts of the administration towards umbellished health services delivery. 

Kawu who was in the hospital to see the accident victim George Imohimi, (45) who hails from Edo state, and a resident of Mpape hinted that the patient is recuperating.

According to him , Imohimi is currently on admission in the hospital and is also said to be recuperating, but the administration has vowed that any staff found to have exhibited any form of negligence over the matter will be sanctioned in accordance with Civil Service rules.

Kawu reiterated the commitment of the administration towards efficient healthcare  service, noting that all public hospitals in the territory are bound to accept and treat accident victims before any other protocols. 

His words; “FCTA is very concerned and the Minister has directed that I come here personally and observe the situation and also ensure that it is brought under control. 

” Investigation is ongoing,  we have seen the video  and we are investigating further.

 ” The Administration wants to assure all Nigerians, particularly FCT residents is  that all public facilities are for the public  , every person has the right to go to any of this hospitals and must be attended to . 

” This has been the policy and will continue to be so. The policy is that you take in accident victims and treat them before you look for police. We will let the public know what the issue is all about after the investigation. But now the patient is getting adequate attention. Any public servant that is found to have erred will be dealt according to civil service rules” ,  Kawu said.

Earlier, the Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Imuentinyan Igbinovia, said that victim was actually taken into the emergency unit for proper attention, as against the message conveyed by the viral video. 

Igbinovia,  explained that the lady who brought the accident victim had expressed discontent over the delay in admiting the victim, but after explaining the situation to her, the disagreements with the emergency unit staff was resolved. 

The MD further clarified that despite the great influx of patients into the hospital on a daily basis, the hospital management has remained committed to excellent health care services to all residents. 

He also confirmed that the patient in question is receiving the best medical treatment obtainable in the hospital, and has been recuperating very well .

Igbinovia stated that , ” It was on Monday around 8pm about an hour prior then some accident victims were rushed in and staff were seeing them and I joined them. About 30 minutes later another accident victim was rushed in and the staff also went to attend to the second set of victims. 

” Unfortunately there was ultercation between those that rushed the victims and the accident emergency staff, I was able to calm down the situation and also spoke to the lady who brought in the accident victim.

” Immediately after that a stretcher was brought and the victim was taken into the emergency unit. After the victim was admitted and stabilised I spoke with the Police Divisional Officer who was also around.

The lady who brought in the victim thought that our responses would have been faster, I explained the situation to her. 

” To the best of our knowledge the matter has been settled.  The  victim is in the ward now receiving treatment and is getting better. To our surprise we saw the social media messages which we have taken in good faith. I want to assure the public that Maitama hospital is poised to take care of patients and from what you can see, there is a very large crowd that come here every day”, he said. 

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