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FCTA Vows To Sustain Cleanup For One Year

…Miscreants Wreck Havoc After Demolition In Mpapa, Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has promised to keep the cleanup exercise in Mpapa going in order to maintain the Abuja Master Plan.

This was in response to the disorderly behaviuor of miscreants who raced to the streets of Mpape on Monday, grabbing women’s handbags and cell phones as soon as the task team left for another demolition site.

After a three-day pause, the FCT Ministerial Task Force on City Sanitation resumed demolition work, prompting citizens to return with an umbrella market, which enraged the authorities.

On the ever-bustling road, miscreants harassed passers-by to the point where they noticed the FCT Task Team Chairman, Comrade Ikharo Attah, who led a combined task team on the demolition exercise to demolished shanties, brothels, worship centers, and the National Union of Road Transport Workers Office (NURTW), miscreants harassed passers-by when they noticed the task team had moved to another location to finish the demolition.

The task force swiftly arrives on the scene and disperses the hoodlums, allowing motorists and other passerby to utilize the road freely.

Following the clean-up effort, Attah hinted and announced that the operation would last until December.

He explained that the decision was necessitated by the fact that shanties resurfaced within a week following the previous demolition.

In order to prevent the reemergence of illegal projects along the Mpape road corridor, he stated that the three-week effort would have to be prolonged.

Because Mpape has proven to be more difficult than usual invasion, he has promised that it will now be a theater of operation clean-up that would be continued.

According to him; “Today we are back to Mpape for what appears to be the most massive job since we came into Mpape community. We have begged residents of the area to vacate the road side where we are having enormous challenges because of the scrap market sitting on the road bed.

“The challenges of the roadside is also occasioned by the old shanty market that is badly bastardized in terms of urban and regional town planning use and practices so we had to torch the panteka market as well as the shanty market which are clearly a violation of town planning and the Abuja master plan.

“We thought the clean up in Mpape will be done in three weeks, but what we have seen in the last week that we were not on ground shows that the operation clean up Mpape will last till the end of this year. We can’t leave Mpape till the end of this year, we may not be standing here every day but it will be routine and periodic clean up.

“We are telling the people not to be deceived Mpape is a theater of operation clean up.

“The minister of FCT malam Muhammad Bello had handed over Mpape to us as a task team to clean up the whole area and report back to him, if he is not satisfy we will continue till next year,” he warned.

He further stated that, The Mpape scrap market, also known as panteka market, was demolished, as were brothels and other premises, as part of a demolition operation conducted out by a Joint Task Force made up of officials from various security organizations.

The panteka market, which is known for selling stolen goods and illegal substances, is claimed to not only provide cover for criminals, but also add to traffic congestion on Mpape lone road.

Meanwhile, Mr. Peter Olumuji Secretary, Command and Control, FCT Security Department, also reacted, assuring that the ongoing cleansing efforts will evict miscreants and criminals from their hideouts.

He claimed that the panteka has been a haven for criminals for years, but that the demolition of the market will put an end to criminality in the region.

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