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FG Kick-starts 2022 Budget With Riot Act On IPPIS

The Federal Government of Nigeria has commenced preparation of 2022 budget focusing specifically on recurrent expenditure and overhead.

Consequently, the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Zainab Ahmed, has issued the “2022 Personnel Cost Budget Call Circular”, with an explanation that lecturers must not have their names in the nominal roll of only their primary place of employment, under the Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

According to the circular referenced: “BD/2000/EXP/S.651” and dated May 14, 2021, the same policy would apply to consultants in health institutions.

It stated: “Duplication or multiple capturing of the same consultant/lecturer in the nominal rolls of different federal health or educational institutions will not be entertained as the BOF (Budget Office of the Federation) will remove the names of such consultants /lecturers from the nominal rolls of the affected institutions other than the consultant’s/lecturer’s primary place of employment,”

Allowances for such visiting lecturers and consultants could be captured under the Overhead Costs.

The minister warned that no personnel cost provision would be made in the 2022 Personnel Budget for any serving employee of the federal government not captured in the IPPIS, except by due authorization.

The minister also warned federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) that “under no circumstance should Staff of outsourced service providers be included in the nominal roll”.

According to the budget guideline, “inclusion of staff of outsourced service providers will henceforth be regarded as willful fraudulent action, and shall accordingly be reported to relevant authorities.”

The circular further says, “MDAs should note that payment of salaries and allowances are for legitimate staff only. Any unauthorized payment from the Personnel Cost will attract appropriate sanctions.”

The MDAs were directed to use only the salaries and allowances structure approved by the Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission as applicable to their various organizations and were asked to validate such payrolls

They were also told that Non-Regular allowances in the payroll should only be provided for those employees who are clearly entitled, under their terms of service and circulars issued by the NSIWC.

“MDAs are required top crosscheck the appropriateness of grade-level/step of all staff on the payroll, including provision for annual increments,” the minister directed.

She said that MDAS should not make provisions for the 2022 promotions of their since such promotions could not be predicted with certainty, but should reflect all promotions already approved and in effect. She said that provisions for 2022 promotions would be made under the Public Service Wage Adjustments and the Service-Wide Votes.

All promotions and salaries arrears are to be referred to the Standing Committee Chaired by the D_G Budget, for review and payment through the IPPIS, she said.

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