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FHIS Urged To Include Terminal Diseases, Other Life-threatening Illnesses In Agency’s Health Services

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Health Insurance Scheme (FHIS) management has been urged to come up with a way to include terminal diseases and other life-threatening illnesses in the agency’s health services.

The FCT Permanent Secretary, Mr Olusade Adesola made the recommendation at the Public Presentation of FHIS Working Documents yesterday in Abuja, also advised that the initiative’s beneficiaries include the elderly.

He opined that diseases like cancer, liver disorders, and sickle cell anemia are extremely costly to treat, emphasized the importance of enlisting the help of donors and other stakeholders.

He said that, “In order to adequately cover these broad spectrum of expansions, there will be need for managers of the Scheme to devise strategies that can woo in more Local and International Partners and Donor Agencies to identify with the Scheme.”

Adesola stated that the Administration has already begun the process of providing legal underpinning to the scheme in order to make it more inclusive in its coverage to a broader spectrum of the FCT, particularly the poor, disadvantaged, and crippled.

“Given the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare, it will come as no surprise to learn that His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the FCT Administration to ensure that the health insurance scheme’s coverage is expanded to include all residents of the territory, both formal and informal sectors.”

“In order to carry out Mr. President’s mission, we, as an Administration, have started a process that will provide the Scheme a legal framework, allowing it to be more comprehensive in its coverage and operations, including the poor, vulnerable, and disabled.”

The Basic Health Care Provision Fund will also benefit these groups of people (BHCPF).

This Fund offers them with free insurance coverage.

“It is crucial to note that the BHCPF is a Federal Government Health Initiative that the FCT Administration has participated in and completed all of the grant release requirements.

“This initiative has already registered over 9,000 impoverished and vulnerable people in the FCT,” he continued.

As a result, the permanent secretary directed stakeholders to develop measures that will ensure improved service delivery to Scheme beneficiaries, stressing that any type of misuse of funds will not be tolerated by the administration.

“Furthermore, the Administration will not allow any type of financial sleaze or misappropriation of money, thus all individuals directly involved in the management of the Agency’s Funds must ensure wise and optimal usage of allocations made available to the Agency.”

The Director of the FHIS, Dr. Ahmed Danfulani, stated in his welcome remarks that the working documents, which include Standard Treatment Guidelines, Operational Guidelines, Benefit Packages, and three other documents, are expected to improve the effectiveness of the FCT Health Insurance Scheme for the benefit of FCT residents.

He stated that the documents, which were drafted more than three years ago, will be reviewed every two years to reflect current conditions in keeping with universal health care.

Acting Secretary of State for Health and Human Services in the Federal Capital Territory, Dr. Mohammed Kawu, expressed optimism that the strategic papers will ensure a seamless interface between health insurance service providers and enrollees.

Dr Ndaeyo Iwot, Director, FCT Primary Healthcare Board, informed Kawu that the FCT Health and Human Services Secretariat will continue to provide the necessary leadership and ensure that the documents receive all of the legal frameworks required for execution.

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