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Group Debunks Alleged N89.1 Trillion Unpaid Stamp Duty From Banks, Financial Institutions

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, Dr. Godwin Emefiele, is allegedly unable to account for a sum of N89.1 trillion in unpaid stamp duty that the CBN collected from banks and other financial institutions, according to a video that has attracted the attention of the Unified Northern Nigeria Youths Forum. The member of the House of Representatives by the name of Muhammad Gudaji Kazaure from Jigawa State is on the video.

This was contained in a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja by Aliyu Sanni Mohammed, the
Publicity Secretary
Unified Northern Nigeria Youth Forum.

The statement reads: “We wish to in all ramifications debunk that rumor, it’s a falsified story that is absolutely fake. We will like to clear the air, and remind Nigerians that Dr Godwin Emefiele remains the Emefiele they know and love, full of integrity, intellect and economic know how on taking Nigeria’s economy to the promise land.

“The alleged committee the member is talking about, which he claims to be it’s
Secretary, is illegal and stands dissolved on the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari as rightly stated by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu. The only committee that was ever formed and still exist is the committee Chaired by Attorney General and Minister of Justice with the Chairman of the Federal Internal Revenue Service (FIRS), as it’s Secretary.

“Nigerians should understand that Gudaji Kazaure is a joke, who has no valuable contributions to the people of his constituency, his state, or Nigeria at large. He is a clown, an un-serious person, if not how can he be making allegations of such an outrageous amount of money that is practically not available. The truth is that, he has stood so low and shameless to be sponsored by some unpatriotic vultures, who are not happy with the recent policies of the CBN to come publicly and spread concocted lies, targeted at tarnishing the image, good name and reputation of the CBN Governor for petty personal gains of his, putting him self before national interest.

“It is a public knowledge that since the CBN announced its intention to redesign some denominations of the Naira note, enemies of democracy and Nigeria’s progress have come out to attack it’s Governor, Dr Emefiele. More recently, the CBN announced it’s policy on limiting withdrawals rate, this has also pushed these set of unpatriotic, overzealous and corrupt individuals to fight dirty with every weapon they have to stop the CBN Governor from emancipating Nigerian masses from the shackles of bondage put upon them by these wicked individuals. One of such weapons is Gudaji Kazaure being a soft target, a comedian who is only in the house as an entertainer”.

The statement continued: “The CBN Governor has lucidly explained that one of the reasons for redesigning some denominations of the naira note is to systematically recollect the over 2.7 out of 3.1 trillion naira that lies outside the banking hall, hidden and illegally been used for ungodly acts in the hands certain persons.

The reason for the withdrawal restriction policy is to clamp down on terrorism, because terrorism can only fare where there are unchecked flow of huge amount of cash. Secondly, to also restrict unnecessary cash flow that is only favorable for corrupt acts such as vote buying, election mal-practices and siphoning of public funds.

“Gudaje Kazaure and every patriotic Nigerian should be happy and proud of Dr Emefiele’s foresight, courage and achievements as the Governor of the Central Bank, most especially the North.
some of his achievements include: “A gigantic and impactful revolution in Agriculture sector that made the country self reliant in certain areas, generating revenue and feeding Nigeria and neighboring African Countries.

Quick and efficient reviving of the Nation’s economy during and after the dreaded Covid-19 Pandemic that ravaged not only Nigeria but the entire Universe.

Creation of Employment, engaging millions of Nigerian youths through various loan packages, support funds that sustained their means of livelihoods.

Tackling insecurity, by providing jobs, insecurity is directly dealt away with, because it is only jobless youths without meaningful skills or trade that are vulnerable and used as soft targets for recruitment into various terror groups.

The achievements of Emefiele are all over Nigeria, no state has not felt the impact of Mr Godwin Emefiele, he has performed so well to be called the replica of Sir Ahmadu Bello, same ideology, same energy, focus, vision and love for his people.

Rather, we have a House of Representatives Member, an accidental law maker, who has lost all self esteem, with no bearing and foresight, publicly speaking like a common thug, a nonentity, without adequate knowledge of what he speaks of, who has no single positive and meaningful contributions to show for his years as a Member aside from the meaningless jokes, a member who cannot articulately present himself, how can he represent his people.

An individual who uses his own gun to shoot himself, Gudaji Kazaure must be under the influence of certain substances.

As a matter of fact, Gudaji Kazaure has disgraced the House of Representatives and the Northern region for turning a personal witch hunt to a national affair.

We thank God he never succeeded to getting the reps ticket under APC, for with this kind of attitude, he would have lost. We will make sure he looses by mobilising our youths against him because he is clearly corrupt, wants to use the money he has stolen for vote buying, that’s why he is against the naira re-designing and introduction of the restriction on withdrawal amount.

On this note, we are calling on the EFCC to be more watchful, tactical, investigate and arrest where necessary the likes of Gudaji Kazaure, who have stolen public funds and are looking for a way to hide it, keeping Nigeria stagnant without any development.

We are also calling for the arrest of Gudaji Kazaure for insiting Nigerians against the CBN Governor, he should be sued and charged to court for spreading lies. deformation of character and person of the CBN Governor Dr Godwin Emefiele.

Lastly, we once again re-itirate our commitment, support and love to the CBN Governor, and encourage him to do more, regardless of the interest of few selfish Nigerians who wants Nigeria crumbled at the expense of their wicked desires.

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