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HomenewsIYD: Helpline Foundation Urges Youth To Embrace Agriculture

IYD: Helpline Foundation Urges Youth To Embrace Agriculture

A non-governmental organization based in the nation’s capital, Helpline Foundation for the Needy, has called on youth to embrace agriculture as a means of developing a strong economic base and improving their socio-economic standing.

This call was made during a press conference in Abuja to commemorate the 2021 International Youth Day, with the theme: “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.”

The president and founder of the foundation , Dr. Jumai Ahmadu believed that real progress in the agricultural sub-sector would not be possible without the active participation of young people.

She also hinted that the youth make up a higher share of the population, and she urged government officials at all levels to involve the youth in constructive projects that would improve their ability to earn a living.

Ahmadu used the opportunity to emphasize the importance of working toward more equitable food systems, as well as the need for youth to make informed food choices by increasing global education on the healthiest and most environmentally friendly options for both individuals and the environment.

“This is crucial to me because I believe today’s youth are more empowered than ours.”

Today, youths have the law on their side, and they can influence legislation, march through the streets, form enterprises, and employ one another, as well as ask for funding.

“Youth Day should be about more than just commemorating the youth population and then moving on.”

It should signify a lot more than that.

The International Youth Day should not be commemorated just for the purpose of preserving memories.

“The purpose of the day is to recognize present reality and the problems that youngsters confront in our diverse communities, states, and countries,” she stated.

As a result, Ahmadu urged the government at all levels to provide farm inputs to the youth in order to address poverty reduction, social inclusion, biodiversity conservation, and increased productivity.

She said that the organization, in partnership with the Nigerian North Central Youth Council, would host a zoom conference to commemorate the 2021 International Youth Day and highlight some of the difficulties that youth face in the agriculture sector.

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