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Nigeria @ 60!: It’s a time to move ahead!

Ibrahim Danbatta

Hello Nigeria!

For the past 3 days, when I got to learn you’ll be 60, an age for retirement, I’ve had series of thoughts going through my mind.

The retirement age is the point at which someone stops working, esp. because of having reached a particular age.

As in the case of Nigeria Instead of saying

Happy independence, why not say happy retirement Nigeria?

Instead of getting better like an old wine, you’ve become even more confused like an old fool.

Kidnapping, banditry, cattle rustling, inter ethnic/religious crises, insurgency & unemployment has been soaring in multitudes!

How far 9ja?

You’re once the giant of Africa! A caring mother to South Africa during the apartheid, a loving step mom to Ghana & a pride land to all Nigerians!!!

A country that’s once filled with honey and milk.

A nation where job once awaits graduates & offer juicy package for it children!

Bad leadership, corruption, nepotism, Godfather ism, tribalism are the order of the day!

What’s gone wrong 9ja?

On our part, we’ve been bad followers, greedy and saboteurs, bad neighbors & intolerant each other!

Nothing matters to us as long as it does not affect us or our family even if it’s at the detriment of others.

Nigeria at 60 is a time for sober reflection, let’s sit and discuss our difference! Let’s sit and pray for our country! Let’s sit and embrace each other!

It’s a time to move ahead with great love and patriotism!

There’s no time than now!

Let’s build the Nigeria of our dream and make it great.

Let’s make it a home we can all be proud of!

To you my dearly beloved nation, 60 is the age to renew your commitment to us!

We love💚 you dearly and we can’t afford to lose you!!!

Happy Independence Motherland

With love from
Ibrahim Danbatta

Ibrahim Danbatta writes from Kaduna
[email protected]

nigeriaat60 #Nigeria

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