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Nigerians should be allowed to cast their votes without Intimidation – Ighodalo

The Africa Leadership Group (ALG) has urged Nigerians to vote wisely without giving in to intimidation or harassment by anyone, group or party.

Chairman and Founder of the Group, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo gave the charge during a Pre-election Conference held in Lagos.

Pastor Ighodalo said ”Nigeria cannot afford to get it wrong this time, we must intentionally and carefully select leaders fit for purpose at this time who can lead us out of this national crisis”.

“The person’s vision and what they want to achieve with Nigeria and where they are taking Nigeria especially in terms of economic development and social welfare availability for the average Nigerian is there. Do we want somebody that makes sure that all Nigerians are educated, do we want somebody who will make sure that all Nigerians are employed and employable, who want to make sure that there is infrastructure across the length and breadth of Nigeria.” He added

The clergy charged Nigerians to shun violence but rather evaluate political candidates and vote the in this year’s general elections, adding that Nigeria needs a Nationalist as well as one who is mentally competent, sacrificial, accessible, humble, honest, educated and team player as President.

“The person must first be a Nigerian, before you say Fulani, Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba, you first of all have to be a Nigerian, what has happened so far is that most people are first of all from their tribe before they now say okay that we are Nigerian, so what it is, is that their tribal sentiments, their family sentiments is much more important to them than the overall thinking of Nigeria, and that where they have the problem”

While speaking on the goals of the Africa Leadership Group (ALG) in Nigeria and Africa, Pastor Ighodalo said Group ”is committed to ensuring that your lawful votes count. We will collaborate with other credible organisations and volunteers to ensure that the integrity of free and fair elections by observing polling stations to verify that lawfully registered voters can vote in an environment that is fair and free from coercion, Intimidation or violence and that results announced reflect the vote counts.”

On his part, the Group’s Executive Secretary and Program Director, Olu-Victor Oyinloye charged Nigerians to go out on the election and vote massively for the leader of their choice”Every citizen determines the kind of leaders they get, we all have our role to play vote, ensure that your vote counts and make sure that everything that happens at your polling unit is well documented, because all these things will be revisited again and again.” He added

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