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Outrage in Edo as Principal Repeatedly Embezzled Students’ WAEC Fees

The community of Uhonmora-Ora is in turmoil following revelations that Mr. Adefemi Adewale, principal of the local secondary school, has for the second consecutive year diverted WAEC registration fees for personal use.

The incident has sparked calls for immediate action against him, with the community questioning the lack of response from the state’s education authorities.

This latest breach was disclosed in a fiery statement issued by Comrade Ikharo Attah, the newly elected President-General of the Uhonmora Progressive Union, on Friday night in Abuja. The statement highlighted the community’s frustration and the principal’s repeat offenses, which first came to light in 2023 when he misappropriated funds meant for student exams.

The union’s statement expressed deep concern over the impact of such actions on the students’ educational prospects and the local community’s future. It urgently called on Governor Godwin Obaseki and Rt Honourable Blessing Agbebaku, the Speaker of the House of Assembly, to ensure that the affected students are not excluded from the 2024 WAEC and NECO Examinations.

Describing the hardship faced by the parents, most of whom are peasant farmers, the statement emphasized the severity of the principal’s actions, which have forced their children to potentially lose a year of education and lag behind their peers.

The Uhonmora Progressive Union is demanding the principal’s immediate transfer and possible dismissal, to serve as a warning to others in the system. Meanwhile, the ongoing police investigation led the community to also request a visit from the Edo State education commissioner to support the students, who were seen at the Sabongidda-Ora police station instead of attending exams.

The statement concluded by acknowledging the swift actions of local leaders, including His Royal Highness The Ara of Uhonmora and the council of chiefs, who helped stabilize the community during this crisis. It also praised the professionalism of the local police for maintaining order during these challenging times.

As Uhonmora awaits action from higher authorities, the community stands united, rallying around the affected families and demanding justice and accountability to prevent future injustices.

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