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PDP Holds Crucial Meeting to Address State Chapter Tenure , Crisis

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) convened a pivotal gathering on Tuesday, bringing together the Chairmen of state chapters to assess the tenure situation in 26 states and address ongoing crises within the party.

Led by the National Working Committee (NWC), the meeting aimed to address the expiration of tenures in various states and prevent potential crises arising from leadership vacuums. Umar Bature, the National Organizing Secretary, emphasized the necessity of the meeting in light of the lingering challenges faced by several state chapters.

Bature outlined the primary agenda, stating, “We are here to review the tenure of about 26 states, in terms of ward, local government, and state. If you recall, most of the current executives in the states were elected four years ago, with congresses conducted on a staggered basis due to COVID-19 concerns.”

Highlighting specific states with expired tenures such as Edo, Bayelsa, Gombe, and Rivers, Bature emphasized the importance of preventing crises and maintaining stability within the party. He cautioned against hasty replacements in vacant positions, urging adherence to caretaker arrangements until formal decisions are made by the National Executive Committee (NEC).

“Submit the list to us as it is,” Bature instructed, “If there are vacancies due to death and resignation, please don’t replace any name. Don’t fix another person for issues that will come up later.”

Moreover, Bature underscored the need for state chapters to submit post-2023 election reports promptly, a requirement essential for NEC deliberations. He urged transparency and accountability among state executives in addressing party grievances and disciplinary matters.

Addressing rising concerns and agitations within state chapters, Bature called upon party leaders to provide comprehensive reports on internal issues and refrain from arbitrary suspensions without due process. He emphasized the importance of factual documentation to guide NEC decisions effectively.

In closing remarks, Bature urged the Acting Chairman to seek clarity on the situation in Cross River State, emphasizing the need for accurate information to address emerging challenges.

The meeting signifies the party’s commitment to internal cohesion and effective governance, as it navigates complex issues to sustain its organizational integrity and political relevance.

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