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Police detain a 40-year-old guy for raping a pregnant 25-year-old woman in Benue

A 40-year-old commercial biker named Akpo has been detained by the Nigerian Police’s Benue State Command for raping a 25-year-old pregnant woman (names withheld) in Benue state.

On her way home from the market last Wednesday, he sexually assaulted the 8-months-pregnant woman who had hired him to drive her. They were traveling down a bushy route.

However, the suspect’s detention has been confirmed by the State Command of the Nigerian Police.

The event was confirmed on Thursday by Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Sewuese Anene, who stated that the suspect had been detained and was currently in police custody.

Narrating the incident to our correspondent in Makurdi, a source close to the family said, “The woman was going home from the market. She flagged down an okada man and bargained with him to take her home.

“So on their way home, the okada man diverted from the main road to a nearby bush, held her down and raped her.

“As he was raping her, the woman became unconscious and the bike man, thinking that the woman was dead, dragged her and dumped her by a river bank where she laid till the next day.

“In the morning, she woke up and discovered herself in a state of subconsciousness. She was too weak to stand so she laid there praying that help will come her way.”

The source further explained that it was in that state that a search party found her and took her to the hospital while the matter was reported to the nearest police station leading to the arrest of the culprit. End.

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