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Post Demolition Crises: Hoodlums Transports Attack FCTA Officials In Abuja, injuring six people

…Transporters Insist Park Duly Allocated By FCTA Transport Secretariat

Hoodlums and commercial transporters attacked Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) officials on a clean-up operation in Zuba, Gwagwalada Area Council, in the nation’s capital on Wednesday.

Seven people were seriously injured when personnel who were in the area to clear out illegal parks and shanties in Zuba were viciously attacked.

Officials from the Department of Development Control, the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), and the Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS) have been tasked with clearing Zuba of all illegal parks and shanties.

The issue arose when DTRS officials began impounding vehicles shortly after the park at the Zuba interchange was demolished.

The commercial motorists became enraged and began throwing stones to disrupt the ongoing exercise.

Seven of the officials were reportedly injured, while the entire staff scurried for safety and rushed into their vehicles fleeing for safety, according to our source.

The team’s security agents fired tear gas canisters into the air to disperse the criminals, who also attacked and injured innocent motorists.

Other areas that were supposed to be removed were not touched because the personnel were fleeing for their lives.

A member of the task force from the DTRS who spoke under the condition of anonymity said,
“The Security personnel we went with was not enough. Zuba is a danger place when it comes to clean up.

“We only demolished the park but couldn’t proceed to other locations. Even from the office we expected it but the “Ogas” just pushed us into danger. We hope to return back with a stronger force another day.”

However, a leader of the transporters, Jubrin Kyari insisted that the park was duly allocated to them by FCTA Transport Secretariat and they have document. 

His words; “We have document to this effect, but without any revocation order the minister came and demolish it.”

He accused the FCTA of not giving them alternative palace before removing them from the roads.

According to him; “The FCTA has finally push all transporters to the main road in Zuba which certainly will cause heavy traffic gridlock. 

“The major park loading vehicles to the north has been demolished while others as we gathered, will also be demolished. 

“People must travel to the States in the North, and Zuba is a transit point.  We will keep loading on the road until government provides an alternative”,he said. 

Meanwhile, those injured include one Jeremiah Timothy, a Police Inspector and Suleiman Musa, an AEPB staff among many others.

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