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President Tinubu Joins Muslims for Eid Prayers, Urges Nigerians to Maintain Faith , Patriotism

President Bola Tinubu participated in the Eid-el-Fitr prayers alongside fellow Muslims at Dodan Barracks in Lagos State on Wednesday, as revealed in photos shared on the official X handle of the Nigerian President.

Following the prayers, led by the Chief Imam of Lagos State, Sheikh Sulaiman Oluwatoyin Abou-Nolla, President Tinubu urged Nigerians to uphold their faith in his government and remain patriotic citizens.

In a statement posted on his X handle, President Tinubu emphasized the importance of continuing to exhibit the values of sacrifice and resilience beyond Ramadan, calling on Muslims to extend these virtues in their daily lives.

“The resilience and sacrifice that we have shown and made during these months should be preserved. Be a kind and cheerful giver,” President Tinubu remarked.

He further stressed the need for Nigerians to prioritize their love for the country, stating, “We must love our country more than any other country, because that is the only one we have.”

President Tinubu also reaffirmed the significance of protecting the integrity of the government and leadership, assuring Nigerians that the Renewed Hope Agenda is thriving and encouraging them to maintain hope for the nation’s development.

“The Renewed Hope Agenda is alive, well and fine, and Nigerians should continue to be very hopeful. Without hope, there is no salvation. Without hope, there is no development. Without hope, there is no life. Eid Mubarak,” he concluded.

Former President Muhammadu Buhari, in his Eid message, echoed the call for unity among Nigerians, emphasizing the pivotal moment for democracy and urging citizens to support leaders at all levels.

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