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Public Interest: I Won’t Hesitate To Demolish Illegal Structures, Shanties In Abuja In, Attah

The Senior Special Assistant to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement, Comrade Ikharo Attah had hinted that in the interest of the general public he will not hesitate to bring down any illegal structures defacing in the nation’s capital city.

He also appealed to residents to always build in accordance to the urban and regional planning to avoid contravening the Abuja Master plan.

Attah made this appeal during an interview with newsmen immediately he was sworn in by the FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello yesterday in Abuja.

He said; ” I am making a fundamental appeal to residents of FCT to work in accordance with the urban and regional planning act. This will help those of us in the enforcement team.

“I will be more tougher because we need to own our city and task given me is a tripartite one : “Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement” so with this, we will be looking at the entirety of Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA). Am going to ensure that contractors good and quality services for our money. It is a multi tasking job”.

While fielding questions from journalists on the limited time to carry out his task, Attah said, “I have been working since 2019 within the context of Chairman, Traffic Management Team, COVID-19 Enforcement and Chairman City Sanitation. For me is just like going back to work. We keep working, I am only changing name and going back to the job.

Speaking on if he is going to carry out his task with human face, he said, he will certainly do on the condition that residents obliged to the rules guiding urban and regional planning in the nation’s capital.

He said, ” I will, but when you build on drainages to kill innocent people, we will carry out our job with human face so that people within the flood prone areas will live. But when you build shanties on the water ways we will pull it down. Those contravening the master plan by building illegal structures, shanties, we will give notices and when they fail to comply within the stipulated time, we will remove it in the interest of the public”, he stressed.

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