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Reasons Why Youths Turn To Drugs To ‘Suppress’ Hunger During Ramadan Fast

Some Muslim youths in Kano are engaging in illicit drugs to suppress the impact of fasting during the Ramadan period, Newsfocusng gathered.

Some of these youths continue to take hard drugs like codeine, heroin and tramadol during Sahoor (pre-dawn meal) to be able to ignore the pangs of hunger during the daytime.

One of them, a young lady who does not what her name on the print , revealed that even in Ramadan she takes codeine and heroin.

She said, “Honestly, I take codeine during my Sahoor. If I don’t take it, I suffer a lot,” she said, adding that she can only endure the hunger that comes with fasting by sleeping through the period, and that is what codeine offers her.

Another person who admitted to having been a drug addict for a long time said that since Ramadan began he did not take any drugs, but he knows a lot of his fellow addicts that are still doing drugs while fasting.

According to him, “I am an addict but during this Ramadan I stopped taking anything to allow me to concentrate fully on the Ibadah”.

He said some of the drug addicts do it at Sahoor to suppress hunger.

“When you take one bottle of codeine you will sleep throughout the day. And once you sleep, you will not think of taking drugs or any other thing,” he said.

He further revealed that some youths break their fast with drugs.

“I know of some people that take drugs during iftar. They break their fast with either Indian hemp or codeine,” he said.

Another person who doesn’t want his name mentioned said youths would take drugs to reduce the effect of fasting.

“They normally take it after the meal and spend hours sleeping; when they wake up, time would have gone far. So fasting becomes easier for them,” he said.

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