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HomenewsShi'ites Ask Buhari To Release El-Zakzaky’s International Passports Before Leaving Office 

Shi’ites Ask Buhari To Release El-Zakzaky’s International Passports Before Leaving Office 

Shi’ites, also known as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), has requested that President Muhammadu Buhari direct security personnel to release Ibraheem El-Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah’s international passports and other documentation before they leave the office.

During a nonviolent demonstration at the Federal Secretariat Abuja, the protestors also sought the release of their fellow protesters who had been detained in Kuje Correctional Center since July 2019.

According to the sect, an attempt was made to assassinate El-Zakzaky and his wife when their travel documents were taken.

This information was made public by IMN on Friday in Abuja during a procession honoring Fatima Zahra, the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter, who turned 18.

The procession started immediately after the Juma’at prayer at Fu’ad Mosque, beside Customs office as protesters marched through Wuse Market to Berger roundabout.

The  Secretary Academic Forum of the movement, Abdullahi Muhammad Musa who addressed the rally said Nigerian government had continued to obey the order of Kaduna Stare High Court since July 2021 which discharged and acquitted the Islamic scholar.

He said ” The procession was in honour of the Daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to mark her birth day anniversary and at the same time to demand for Buhari’s unconditional release of Shaikh El-Zakzaky’s International passports to go for medication outside Nigeria as the Nigerian and the foreign medical personnels recommended some years back. 

” During the procession, we also demand for the release of 54 young guys detained in Kuje prison by the General Buhari regime since July, 2019 after the brutal killing of 15 peaceful free Zakzaky protesters at the Federal Secretariat Abuja, 5 bodies of these innocent protesters are still with the Police despite a valid Court order that ordered the them to release the corpses to their family members for burial.

” The public will recalled that before the release of Shaikh Zakzaky and his Wife by the Kaduna High Court in July 2021, the Nigerian Security under General Buhari’s order has killed 79 Protesters in Abuja alone, their only crime was peaceful protest demanding the regime to Obey the December 2016 Abuja Federal High Court order in which the government was ask to unconditionally release the Sheikh and his wife and also pay them the sum of 25 million Naira each, for violation of their fundamental rights” 

In a statement titled ” FATIMATUZ-ZAHRA, A PARADIGM TO MANKIND” signed by Fatima Ismail Hassan on behalf of Sisters Forum of the movement described Fatima as a radiant pearl of knowledge who lived an exemplary life for the humanity.

 ” The Islamic movement under the leadership of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky congratulates the Muslim ummah on the joyous occasion of the birth anniversary of the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh), Fatimatuz-Zahra salamullahi alaiha (sa), the leader of all women from the first, till the last of creation. 

” Lady Zahra (sa) was the only surviving daughter of the seal of the Prophets. She was born on 20th, Jimada Thani, 8 years before hijrah. Fatima (sa) had siblings; Ibrahim and Abdallah who died in their childhood. Following their death, the Quraysh began to mock Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh), that he is without posterity. Allah (SWT) consoled the Prophet (pbuh) that he was given abundant good (the birth of lady Zahra), this was revealed in surah Al-Kawthar Q 108. 

” Fatimatuz-Zahra (sa) is the radiant pearl of knowledge, piety, and virtue, unfortunately, limited information to buttress these points is available in Islamic history books. She is known for her generosity, kindness, and selflessness.

”  Lady Zahra (sa) illuminates our minds with the appropriate manner to think of fellow humans, and the way we act with them.  Her son, Hassan (as) narrated that, he always hears his mother pray for the faithful men and women, naming each one of them without including herself. When asked, she says: my son, the neighbor, then the home. 

” Lady Zahra (sa) lived an exemplary life worthy of emulation. She is best daughter, spouse, and mother to her parents, husband and children respectively” 

 The mother of the believers Aisha narrates, “I have not seen anyone who resembled the Holy Prophet (pbuh) more in manners, habits, character, and in the method of sitting and standing than Fatimah, the daughter of the messenger of Allah”. 

” Abdullah bin Mas’ud also narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said ‘Fatima has protected her honor and purity in such a way that Allah has forbidden the fire for her children’.
Authentic traditions where the Prophet mentioned that ‘Fatima is a part of me, whatever hurts her hurts me’ have been narrated. Other narrations stated that the Prophet (pbuh) said to Fatima (sa) ‘whoever fight against you, I will fight against them and I will make peace with whomever you make peace’. She was a champion and icon of fight against evil during her lifetime. She stood firmly against the oppressors of her time. 

” We will like to call on Muslims to research into the life of Lady Fatima (sa), as there are great lessons to be learned in terms of her struggle in the path of Allah, role in business and charity, family, and contributions to Islamic knowledge” 

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