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HomenewsTwo Dead, Four Rescued, Others Trapped As 21-Story Building Collapses In Lagos

Two Dead, Four Rescued, Others Trapped As 21-Story Building Collapses In Lagos

Two bodies were believed to have been rescued from the collapsed 21-story building on Gerrard Road in Ikoyi, while two others were said to be critically injured, with several others still trapped within.

Workers at surrounding structures took the remains out of the building, which is still under construction, before the arrival of rescue services, who they claimed did not come until two hours after the tragedy occurred.

When the high-rise structure caved in about 1:56 p.m workers from surrounding buildings gathered to provide rescue services.

It is not immediately clear if the motionless victims were dead, as sources claim they were handed over to medics who arrived on the scene in two ambulances.

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) did, however, provide information on how a 21-story building in Nigeria’s commercial capital’s affluent Ikoyi neighborhood collapsed.

Nosa Okunbo, LASEMA’s spokesperson, stated that his agency is on top of the matter.

“A 21-story building has collapsed near Musliu Junction in Ikoyi, Lagos.”

“LASEMA is on top of the situation,” he said, adding that heavy-duty equipment and life detection equipment had been brought to the location.

It was also reported that the owner and developer of the structure, as well as approximately 24 artists, were inside the building as it was cut in.

“The developer and all the workers including the owner of the building simply identified as Mike were trapped under the rubbles after the structure under construction around Ikoyi axis of Lagos State collapsed.

As gathered, the property owner was at the site inspecting the structure along Gerald road at Musiliu junction, when the building caved in at about 2:30 pm, with many trapped under the structure.

Confirming the incident, the General Manager of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), Dr. Olufemi Oke-Osanyintolu, disclosed that he has activated the agency’s emergency response plan to the scene .

According to him, all first responders are enroute to secure the scene while the heavy duty equipment and life detection equipment have been dispatched.

Another eyewitness also noted that he and co-workers felt the vibration of the structure from the property they were working in.

He said they were working beside the building while some others are working inside the collapsed building.

“More than 50 people were working inside this big building when it collapsed, he said.

However , one of the engineers on the sight of the collapsed building who craved anonymity said due to his nature of the work, he slept at the building for one week given the distance from the site to his house in mainland.

He noted that whle sleeping at the structure, he noticed that it was always shaking at night.
“I slept there for one week while doing my work in the building. I was always afraid because the structure was shakes at night.
“It will bounce vigorously like something was wrong with the structural aspect of it. I found solace in the fact that while doing similar work at a bank in CMS, it was always bouncing but the structural engineers then told me that it was doing so because of the spring in the joints.

“But at this collapsed building which is 21 storeys, it will be shaking like it was being affected by the breeze at the sight and throughout the one week I slept there, I was full of fear and I thank God that I was done with my work before the building collapsed ,” he said.

Asked whether the collapse was surprising to him given what he was experiencing in the night, he said: “Honestly it is neither here nor there; I am not entirely surprise because something was telling me that all was not well with that structure. There are three buildings there;  two are 18 storeys while the collapsed one is 21 storeys.”

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