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HomenewsUNICEF Urges Legislators To Make Laws That Are In Children's Best Interests

UNICEF Urges Legislators To Make Laws That Are In Children’s Best Interests

Dr. Geoffrey Njoku, a communications specialist with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has urged legislators to pass legislation that prioritize the interests of children in all aspects of life.

He did, however, imply that a few years ago, some people were clamoring for Ministry of Children’s Affairs in order to protect children’s interests, but the argument was that children’s interests are taken care of in most ministries.

He made this known in an interview during a Two day media dialogue with media practitioners on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as Child Rights’ organised by the Child Rights Information Bureau (CRIB) of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture in collaboration with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

He said, ministries budget must be child friendly, when you disaggregate the data, you will see the components that affect development in all areas such as education, health, protections among many others. These are things we are looking for in the laws that are being made.

Responding to a question from newsmen on parenting, Dr Njoku said, parents should focus more on their children, children’s number one enemy is internet and number one friend is also internet. This is because a lot of good things are in there. We need to make sure that the children are guided to do the right things, guided to be protected against bullies, predator and paedophile both online and offline.

He hinted that, parent should not abdicate the training of our children to housemaids, children may not respect them as their parents.

He also called on all states who are yet to domesticate the Child Rights Act do so with all urgency.

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