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Upcoming Artist Blames Nigeria’s Current Security Situation On Federal Government

As Boko Haram terrorists, bandits, and kidnappers continue to terrorize Nigeria, a rising artist, Amodu Francis Eleojo, has urged the Federal Government to set personal agendas aside and democratically pay attention to the country’s ruling system.

Eleojo told newsmen in Abuja that the government is playing politics with the security situation, resulting in the loss of lives and the economy of the country.

Eleojo claims that the country’s current condition has had a severe impact on not only the manufacturing industry, but also the entertainment business, where many entrepreneurs make their living.

He said; “The Federal government of Nigeria are increasingly becoming insensitive and sentimental to sensitive matters. It is a thing of major concern and worry. If truly the government want a secured nation, I would suggest they should put away personal agendas and democratically pay attention to the ruling system of the country. To them is a thing of “I don’t care” because it doesn’t affect them directly. So many industries are suffering from this, the entertainment industry is not an exemption. The entertainment industry is hoarding so many entrepreneurs who make their livelihood through it.

“Regardless of how apathetic the country may seem to be, everyone have a deep connection with this Country, Nigeria.

“ In one way or the other we’re the problem of ourselves and we’re the only solution we have. The problem of insecurity has been a lingering issue and this is as a result of the top government officials selfishness. At this stage it’s becoming very traumatic and disheartening. Every sector of the country is becoming vulnerable and unstable including the entertainment industry. Tours, shows, events and concerts are propelling activities that are very key to the industry but with the current impeding insecurity issues these are being brought to a halt.”

The Artiste who started his career in 2018 in Kogi State spoke on what led him into becoming a Musician., saying, “ I first took interest in Music when I discovered I could sing along to so many songs and was very creative about it. I remember vividly in my early school days when I tried creating a band with other students whom I think could also sing. My dad’s love for reggae music also got me interested in music. He’s always listening to one of the reggae’s best, lucky dube at every chance he gets. That really made me paid attention to music, So I decided I could try creating music too.”

Fielding questions from newsmen on who inspired him to make music, Eneojo attributed it to his Junior brother, saying, “My junior brother, Nelson did inspired me to make music. He actually didn’t know much about music but he really loved music. Sometimes we could put on a particular song and go into a competition of “who knows how to sing best with the right lyrics” This really helped me, it made me know much of writing and composing songs at a very early age. We could go to a classroom, make use of the desk to create beats and write songs. We always made a freestyle of Olamide’s Ghost Mode and he particularly told me, I could be a very good musician. Since then I took it upon myself to discover that musical side of me. And here I’m.”

The Musician with his Most Popular Song: “Gbege,” describe his type of music as more or less an afrobeat kind sound, saying, “Personally, I would describe my music as “the heart’s radio” I always express myself and put together my life experiences in my music. I don’t really create music from abstract. I use the things around me, people’s experiences and events.”

On What his creative process is like, Eneojo has this to say, he said, “I have a very simple creative process while making music or songs. I normally listen to a beat, probably a finished beat or a beat that’s yet to be fully worked on but most importantly the beat would contain an hint of what the song would look like, I phantom a rhythm, which most times is an easy process if I know what I want to do at the moment after which I put into writing and then go into the recording process. Sometimes these procedures can come in no order. I could write before making a beat or put up a rhythm before the beat. So it comes in no order.”

The Rising Artiste who begin his career as a University Graduate added his voice on whom he would mostly like to collaborate with.

“I don’t really have a particular artiste in mind at the moment. But I’ve always loved to collaborate with Olamide and Tiwa Savage right from time, I really love their versatility and their style of music. There are both great artistes. Can’t wait to have them on a track soon.”

On his new song released in March 12, 2021, Eneojo noted that the Music is his first ever body of work. “ I have a debut EP(Extended Playlist) which was released March 12, 2021. It’s called “Trail the EP” It’s my first ever body of work. I have five great songs on the EP. It wasn’t an easy process putting out the EP because it’s my first time. It actually took me a year to make it a reality. It had some strenuous moments too right from the recording process to the release time. The EP is doing great and I’m happy people are loving it.”

He however stated that the message as it relates to the music meant for everyone.

“ At least there’s a track that everyone or anyone can relate to. The messages or the lyrics on the EP are quite relatable. The tracks were more about love life( Fantasy) transactional love( Owo Ni Koko) Affirmation that African women are beautiful( African Lady) and the the need to celebrate and have fun despite one’s problem( Jaiye).”

Speaking on the impact the Internet have to the music business, Eneojo noted that It is really growing fast.
“The internet has made music business very easy! You can be at the comfort of your home and be earning in music through the internet. It has made selling of songs easy and you don’t necessarily need to make a CD before you get your money. Streaming of songs is as a result of the internet and so many other opportunities the internet has created. Personally, I think the internet has done a lot for the music industry and it’s business positively.”

Eneojo described “Gbege” music as his favourite song among all his song he would chose to perform.
“ I would love to perform all my songs though. But to pick one, I would choose “Gbege” I have a very strong connection with the song actually. Yes I do have connections with other of my songs but this particularly for now is what I would love to perform anytime”.

A Graduated of University of Lagos, Eneojo described Olamide as his famous Musicians to admire.
“I’ve always admired Olamide because he inspired me at an early age. A very versatile artiste who’s also very hardworking. So many things to learn from him. He’s very consistent, humble and very supportive.”

On his next plan, Eneojo noted that he has a whole lot working on,
“ A whole lot actually! I’m currently working on my Debut album and hope it drops anytime soon. I would continue to put in steady work, expect steady growth and working more smart to get to where I want to be. The future really holds a lot and definitely I would get to where I want to be anytime soon.”

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