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Vice Chancellor Identify Animal Protein As Major Cause Of Cancer

…Warns Against Consumption Of ‘Ponmo’, Red Meat

The Vice Chancellor (VC) of the Precious Cornerstone University (PCU), Ibadan, Prof. Kola Oloke has identify consumption of animal protein as the major cause of cancer.

While assuring that the disease which has led to death of many was not only preventable but also curable.

Oloke, added that the consumption cow skin popularly known as ‘porno’ is not only of no nutritional value, it also poses as threat to human body.

The renowned Microbiologist gave this hint while speaking at a seminar titled; ‘Life Style, Diseases and Management’, held at the PCU campus on Tuesday in Ibadan, he also called for caution in the consumption of red meat and other animal protein.

According to him; “Consumption of animal protein can lead to diseases in the body. More importantly, it causes cancer. Run away from meat, especially the red meat. If you want to eat chicken, eat the local one. Animal skin known as ponmo is harmful to the body; it has no nutritional value” .

“60 percent of chronic diseases attacking individuals could be prevented through healthy diet. “Other lifestyle measures, must include managing stress, avoiding toxins (like alcohol and tobacco), regular exercise and ensuring adequate sleep.”

Beans he recommended as the best meal for cancer patients. Even as he maintained that diseases such as cancer could be cured through nutrition as lifestyle could determine the level of sicknesses individual could be nursing in the body.

He said; “One of the things that cancer cells thrive on,is sugar. So if you can take off the consumption of sugar from any cancer patient, you would have helped the patient. Some foods and fruits are high in sugar content such as banana, apple, pineapple and carbohydrates. Also, cancer patients should avoid animal-based milk but can be consuming plant-based milk.

“The best meal for cancer patients is beans prepared with olive oil and not red oil. Snail, croaker fish,carbage and leafy vegetables, among others, are good and nutritious for cancer patients.”

He, added that with proper nutrition, cancer cells could be killed. “Consumption of walnuts can kill cancer.Soya products are equally good but avoid soya oil. Soya milk is good for breast cancer”

The numerous home and international awards recipient further stressed that with good diet, man could live beyond 100 years, “Eating vegetables is one of the surest ways of staying healthy. Sugar or sweet things are greatest enemies of man.”

While noting that plant-based foods lower diabetes and liver risk, he averred that the consumption of vegetables help a great deal, in controlling sugar levels, listing some other foods that could decrease heart attack, stroke and cancer, among others, to include, Avacado, Green Tea, and natural Orange Juice, warning people to be mindful of their intakes.

“In Europe during World War II, the death rate caused by heart disease, fell, as people were forced to eat less cholesterol-ridden foods. In other words, it is better for your heart for you to eat a low fat, vegetarian diet while bombs drop around you than to enjoy your steak in peace,” advised the VC.

According to the VC, with meat associated infectious diseases, millions of cases of food poisoning are recorded every year which could be traceable to the consumption of meat, especially those “with mad cow disease and helminthic infestations”

He enjoined people to work out their lifestyle by living a healthy life. He thereby further stated : “Rhythmic activities of our mind and body, include hormones; circulation, digestion, brain waves and state of consciousness.Realise that your next day begins when you go to sleep. Maintain a healthy BMI, good nutrition, regular exercise and a spiritual practice.”

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