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We’re Not Intimidated By Revenue Consultants’ Animosity To Us, DOAS Boss

‚ĶSays, We’re Determined To Block IGR leakages In FCT


The Director, Department of Outdoors Advertisement and Signage (DOAS) of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Dr. Babagana Adam has revealed that no matter the animosity shown to him and his team by the revenue consultants that will not deter them from stopping the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) leakages in the territory.

Saying, DOAS will not be intimidated by any group or revenue consultants to surrender Outdoors Advertisement and Signage revenue collection to them in FCT.

He made this known in an interview with newsmen in Abuja, saying, revenue consultants within the territory are frustrating the collection of Internally Generating Revenue (IGR), in FCT.

According to him; ” Is just like you go to the market and you met pickpocket because I call those revenue consultants that are not legal pickpockets, pickpocket distract your attention and as you’re doing something, they put their hands in your pocket and take it, that’s how the revenue consultants have been short changing the FCT system. So for now we have this, let me further tell you that, we are going to face the illegal revenue consultants.

“I can authoritatively tell you, one of them is Abuja Municipal Trade and Investment Company limited which was incorporated by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) . I’m happily telling you that we have investigated and find out that the registration of Abuja Municipal Trade and Investment Company is illegal and Corporate Affairs Commission on the 29th of June 2020 has written a letter to Abuja Municipal Trade and Investment Company to come and change that company name.

He further stated that, ” in law , you’re not suppose to incorporate any Federal, State, or Local Government name in your company without the permission of either the Federal, State or Local Government. You can check with the lawyers. So for him to say Abuja Municipal Trade and investment company is the same thing, everybody will tell you that we pay to Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). If you asked them to show you their account, they will show you Abuja Municipal Trade and investment Company which is not synonymous with AMAC. We went further to search in Corporate Affairs Commission and we discovered that it is private people, businessmen that were registered with the CAC, there is no Corporate representation of that”.

He added that, all those people who illegally collected revenue like Yabani Right Nigeria Limited has no contract with DOAS and it is championed by one Alhaji Yahaya Gwagwa who was the former Secretary of Abuja Area Council Secretariat which is equivalent to like a Commissioner in state, is shamefully part of this syndicate that extort money from the tiers of government of FCTA.

It would be recalled that, on January 7th that I and some of my team members were attacked and almost killed by Abuja Municipal Trade and investment Company who purportedly reneged from the re-agreement to pay 30m. That is an agreement that was not supposed to have been 30m, but from our records even the money that was remitted at that period has been completed. The money is supposed to have been remitted in 2019.

Gana, however, assured all the Area Councils that the FCT administration is working tirelessly with DOAS and the Councils towards ensuring that what belongs to them get to them.

According to him “the FCT Administration is working tirelessly with DOAS and AMAC to see that what belongs to Caeser come to Caeser and what belongs to God goes to God.

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