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Wike Appoints Umar Sanda Kuso as Secretary of FCT Civil Service Commission

In a strategic move aimed at elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of the Federal Capital Territory Civil Service Commission (FCT-CSC), Barr. Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, has authorized the appointment of Umar Sanda Kuso as the Secretary of the FCT Civil Service Commission.

The appointment, formally communicated through a letter dated 16th April 2024 and signed by Dr. Udo Samuel Atang, the Head of the Civil Service, FCT, on behalf of the Minister, is slated for a tenure of five (5) years initially. This appointment, in accordance with the Act establishing the FCT Civil Service Commission, underscores the discretionary authority vested in the FCT Minister.

Kuso’s appointment carries with it the stipulated conditions of service and emoluments, subject to the Minister’s approval. The letter emphasizes the expectation for Kuso to actively contribute towards fulfilling the mandate of the Commission, thereby serving the residents of the FCT and the broader Nigerian populace.

Prior to assuming his new role as Secretary, Umar Sanda Kuso served commendably as the Director of Administration and Finance in the Land Administration Department of the FCT. Holding a degree in Political Science from Bayero University Kano, Kuso furthered his academic pursuit by obtaining a master’s degree from the same institution.

His educational background, complemented by his extensive tenure within the FCT Civil Service, positions Kuso as a proficient and adaptable administrator. Renowned for his adept administrative acumen and profound comprehension of civil service intricacies, Kuso has successfully navigated through various pivotal roles during his career trajectory.

The appointment of Kuso as the Secretary of the FCT-CSC underscores his remarkable administrative dexterity, which is indispensable for effectively managing intricate assignments within the FCT Administration.

Umar Sanda Kuso traces his roots to the Lapai Local Government Area of Niger State and leads a fulfilling personal life as a devoted family man with children. His inherent background and accrued experience uniquely qualify him to make significant contributions towards the operational objectives of the FCT Civil Service Commission.

As Umar Sanda Kuso embarks on his tenure as the Secretary of the FCT Civil Service Commission, stakeholders eagerly anticipate his leadership and anticipatory contributions towards propelling the Commission’s mandate forward and championing the welfare of FCT residents.

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