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Wike Unfazed by Political Distractions, Vows to Deliver Key Projects for Tinubu’s One-Year Anniversary

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Barr. Nyesom Wike, has reaffirmed his commitment to delivering key projects set for inauguration to mark President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s one year in office, undeterred by political distractions from Rivers State.

During an inspection tour of several projects slated for commissioning at the end of the month, Wike emphasized his dedication to fulfilling his mandate.”I am not distracted. If I were, you wouldn’t see this level of performance.

My focus is on my work as the Minister of the FCT, and the progress we’re making speaks for itself,” Wike stated.Wike expressed satisfaction with the progress of road works and lauded contractors for adhering to specified timelines.

“This is the final inspection to ensure we are prepared for the inauguration of various projects. From what we have seen, we are ready for the commissioning starting on May 27th and concluding on June 6th. It will be a nine-day event,” he explained.

The Minister highlighted that the projects’ timely completion is a testament to the effective collaboration between the government and contractors. “We are pleased that contractors are meeting deadlines, and all promises made have been fulfilled.

We have ensured financial support, and none of the contractors is facing cash flow issues,” Wike added.A significant highlight of the upcoming inaugurations is the launch of the Metroline for commercial operations.

“With the President’s approval, we believe the Metroline will commence operations on May 27th, marking a major milestone in our infrastructure development,” Wike revealed.Addressing concerns about malfunctioning streetlights, Wike assured that ongoing maintenance work would ensure all projects are completed by the inauguration date.

“Massive work is being done on streetlights, and we are committed to finishing all intended projects by May 27th,” he concluded.

Wike’s focus on project delivery underscores his resolve to bring tangible benefits to FCT residents, setting a precedent for performance and accountability amid political challenges.

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