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Women In Agro-processing Industry Seek Legislative Framework.

… Condemnes Imposition Of Multiple Taxations

Women Agro Processors, Agric Gen and Exporters Initiative (WAPA-GEIN) has advocated for a proper legal framework to oversee agricultural businesses.

Multiple taxation is not only the scourge of advancement in the agroprocessing business, but it is also a cause of dissatisfaction for small-scale processors, according to the report.

Mrs Esther Adebayo, President of WAPA-GEIN, stated that Nigerian women have expressed a strong desire to contribute meaningfully to the economy, but that legislation is required to protect their interests.

She said that women processors have taken steps to join in the country’s agricultural export market, but only if appropriate government institutions provide the necessary support.

Adebayo further stated that a constitutional amendment is required to compel each state of the Federation to construct operational agro processing factories.

She went on to say that the difficulties confronting the sector in the country, particularly food insecurity, necessitate more than lip service, and that actual action is required to address them.

According to her, “The women Agro processors have initiated moves towards establishing agro export processing centre across the country.

“Our goal is to facilitate, improve and promote agricultural productivity, marketing of exportable products and sustainably move women and youths out of chronic vulnerabilities and poverty via expanded opportunities”, she said.

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