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Wuye residents are made aware of the planned demolition – FCTA

***Vows To Revoke Abandoned Plots

Owners of undeveloped landed property in several areas of Wuye District have been advised by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) to get the property developed right away or face revocation.

Tpl. Umar Shuiabu, the coordinator of the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), issued this warning when he oversaw the ministerial joint taskforce on sensitization and inspection of affected areas of Wuye prior to its planned demolition of illegal structures in that District.

According to him: “We have many environmental, security and aesthetic challenges in parts of Abuja, including this area, and this calls for senitation of such places.

“Abuja is a planned and a beautiful city with world class infrastructure not seen in some countries, so we must not give anyone reason to question the sanity of this city.

“We have constructed beautiful road network here buy what we can see is illegal use of the road by mechanics and hawkers, among others. This has rendered this road impassable. We want to remove this embarkment, and give opportunity to all citizens and plot owners to use this road.

“Infact, there are other places also where these scavangers have taken over, we will do whatever that is legally possible to clear them. It is not only here, but in every other part of the city where illegality exist, we will remove it, till the time we will we have money to provide the infrastructure”.

Speaking on the risk of revocation of undeveloped plots, the AMMC boss said the FCTA was going to revoke and reallocate to those who willing and able to develop the area, “Instead of allowing it to lay fallow.

He added that, “Instead of developing this land, they leave the land and make it turn into a challenge for the city management.

“We have already provided infrastructure and the plot owners have not taken over. We are going to give them final notice if they don’t develop it we are going to revoke it and give it to those who will develop.

“The ultimatum is already in the papers for the land and we have power to revoke the land”.

Meanwhile, the SSA to the Minister on Monitoring, Inspection and Enforcement, Comrade Ikharo Attah hinted that the “Minister went round the area and it was very clear what he wanted.

“He wanted a massive cleanup of the entire area around Utako motor park, along Tunde Idiagbon Way, shouldn’t have nothing of illegality considering what he stood for during his life, and it is an all-encompassing job, which comprises of illegal motor parks, truck parks, babanbola, illegal Pantakers, and others.

“The Minister also directed that all illegal structures and several contraventions that run short of AEPB Act and Tegional Planning Act should be removed and cleaned up in line with the Abuja Master Plan”.

Ikharo assured: “In less than a week Utako will wear new look”.

While corroborating AMMC coordinator point on revocation, Attah said: “The Minister is very clear about it (revocation of undeveloped plots). He asked the Acting Director of Development Control to go with his team of town planners, inform and notify the plot owners take over their plots within a stipulated period, else the plots will be recommended to the Minister for revocation. We cannot have plots being a hide-out for criminals”, he warned.

On his part, Head, Monitoring and Enforcement, AEPB, Kaka Bello explained that his team had served them, but was dissatisfied with the level of compliance.

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