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Zamani Estate Residents Cry Out for Security Intervention Amidst Rising Robbery Attacks

Residents of Zamani Estate in Karu Local Government Area are living in fear as armed robbery attacks continue to plague their community.

In a desperate appeal to security agencies, residents are pleading for immediate intervention to combat the escalating crisis.

A recent robbery incident involving a 9-man gang has left residents traumatized and vulnerable.

Despite attempts to seek assistance, there was no immediate response from security agencies, leaving victims to endure a two-hour ordeal of terror.

The suspects, armed with guns, robbed occupants at gunpoint, leaving one victim with a stab wound to the hand.

Chairman of the Zamani Estate Residents Association, Mr. Sani Philips, recounted the harrowing experience and urged security agencies to take decisive action.

“We are tired of living in fear. We need help now,” Philips emphasized. Three suspects were apprehended, and stolen items were recovered, but Philips stressed that the remaining suspects still at large pose an ongoing threat.

The community has implemented proactive measures to enhance security, including reinforcing street gates and engaging security vigilantes.

“We are committed to working with law enforcement agencies to safeguard lives and property,” Philips affirmed.

As residents of Zamani Estate strive to reclaim their sense of security, they remain resolute in their determination to confront the scourge of armed robbery and protect their community.

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