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AHBN Launches Groundbreaking Health , Hazard Trust Fund for Journalists

In a landmark move, the Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) has established a Health and Hazard Trust Fund to support journalists facing health challenges or hazards in the line of duty.

The fund, launched at the AHBN congress meeting in Abuja, aims to recognize the crucial role journalists play in society and ensure their welfare and well-being are not overlooked.

AHBN Coordinator Aminu Magashi emphasized the need to change the narrative and support journalists’ humanity, acknowledging their personal challenges and constitutional duty.

He launched the programme with one million naira with an initial installment of 250,000 naira.

The fund is not intended to influence reportage but to demonstrate society’s value for journalists’ contributions.

Magashi urged public and private organizations to contribute to the fund, stressing that every contribution counts.

ANHEJ President Joseph Kadiri hailed the initiative as unprecedented and pledged transparency and accountability in managing the fund.

He expressed gratitude for AHBN’s support, acknowledging its potential positive impact on the journalism profession in Nigeria.

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