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FCT Officials Inspect Food Vendors’ Kitchen, Ensure Quality Meals for Pilgrims

In a bid to ensure that Nigerian pilgrims in Makkah enjoy quality meals, the FCT Muslims Pilgrims Welfare Board’s feeding subcommittee inspected the kitchen of contracted food vendors.

The visit aimed to strengthen monitoring and supervision, protecting the interests of FCT pilgrims in the Holy Land.

Director Abubakar Adamu Evuti expressed satisfaction with the services, urging the vendors to sustain their efforts.

He presented observations from pilgrims regarding food taste and aroma, assuring them that the Board will ensure proper standards are maintained.

Evuti said, “We inspected the kitchen to see the food preparation and packaging for ourselves.

The quality and quantity meet the agreed standards, and the menu provided is strictly adhered to.

Our staff assist in packaging, ensuring Nigerians abroad enjoy familiar foods.”

The Director assured pilgrims that any challenges should be reported, and improvements will be made.

He commended the caterers for their efforts, noting a significant difference between the actual food preparation and earlier social media posts.

Hajiya Zainab Mohammed, Head of Unit, Pilgrims Welfare Services, expressed commitment to adhering to the specified menu, ensuring quality meals for pilgrims.

The menu includes local dishes like tuwo shinkafa, tuwo semo, jollof rice, and fresh fruits.

The Chief Caterer, Mr. Mustapha Musa, commended the Director and his team for their supervision, ensuring quality service delivery.”

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