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Esther: A Beacon of Triumph, Hope in Challenging Times, Says Pastor Mrs Okemuyiwa

In a stirring seminar topic that resonated deeply with attendees, the Wife of the Pastor in charge of Redeemed Christian Church of God FCT Province 7, Pastor (Mrs.) Moyomola Okemuyiwa, (WPICP), has highlighted the enduring significance of Esther’s story as a source of inspiration for contemporary Christian women.

Speaking at the annual Sister’s Convention themed: Triumphant Women Of the Right Hand on Saturday in Abuja, Pastor Mrs Okemuyiwa emphasized the pivotal role women play in navigating and overcoming the prevalent social challenges of our time.

“We are living in a time where poverty, social disorder, corruption, injustice, and ungodliness are prevalent. It is crucial to recognize that the fate of human liberation often rests in the hands of Christian women, especially in a time like this,” Pastor Mrs Okemuyiwa stated.

“Women like Deborah demonstrated strong leadership skills, courage, wisdom, and unusual faith in God. Similarly, God has placed us in various positions for a specific purpose, like Esther.”

Pastor Okemuyiwa recounted Esther’s journey from a young Jewish woman in exile to the queen of Persia, where she saved her people from annihilation. “Esther’s triumph is evidence of her bravery, wisdom, and life of faith. She is an inspiring example who made a significant impact on her generation,” she said.

“We are not products of circumstances, but we are called to fulfill specific assignments in bringing God’s purpose to fruition through our commitment to the gospel, as exemplified by Esther.”

Highlighting the qualities of a triumphant woman, Pastor Okemuyiwa noted Esther’s service and responsibility, sacrifice, self-control, wisdom, courage, loyalty, diligence, and resilience.

“Esther demonstrated a remarkable attitude and risked her life to save the Jewish people. She called for a fast that metamorphosed into deliverance and victory,” she said. “Her incredible silence and self-control under pressure, coupled with her strategic wisdom and courage, exemplified her outstanding leadership.”

In a call to action, Pastor Mrs Okemuyiwa urged contemporary women to embody Esther’s spirit in their own lives. “Until we have the likes of Esther in our nation and churches who can take risks for the liberation of the oppressed, liberation will not come. Esther’s loyalty to Mordecai was instrumental in the liberation of future generations,” she emphasized.

“We need to rise to the challenges of our time, understanding that we are placed in our positions as God’s instruments to save lives and make a significant impact.”

Pastor Mrs Okemuyiwa concluded her address with a prayer for empowerment and resilience among the women, invoking the power of the Holy Spirit to guide them in their endeavors. “May we continue to soar to greater heights by the power of the Holy Spirit,” she said. “God bless you all.”

The convention, themed “Triumphant Women in the Right Hand ,” aimed to inspire and equip women to take on leadership roles and address the societal issues facing their communities, drawing strength and guidance from the biblical example of Esther.

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