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Lagos 2023: Akindele Campaigns In Major Markets In Obalende, Ajah

Funke Akindele, the Lagos State Peoples Party (PDP) Deputy Governorship Candidate, visited significant marketplaces in Lagos Island and asked vendors to cast their ballots for the main opposition party in the general elections of 2023.

The PDP candidate for governor in the upcoming general elections, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Adediran, also known as Jandor, and Nollywood star Akindele gave the traders the assurance that only the PDP will end their suffering in the markets and the state.

The traders flocked and thronged about the actress in awe as she toured Mami Market, Obada Obalende, Obalende Ijeh Market, Ajah Market, and other significant markets in the region.

In each of the markets visited, Akindele assured the traders that the PDP government would alleviate their plights, provide enabling environment, social amenities and soft loans for them to run their businesses.

According to her:” The PDP government would not let them down but would empower them and ensure free and compulsory education for their children with free school uniforms and at least a meal per day.

“The sufferings and hardship in Lagos state is too much. It is time for a real change in our condition and the change  is in your hands. 

“It is your right to have better Lagos where you have enabling environment for you businesses. Your fate is in your hands, the power is in your hand to rescue the state using your PVCs. 

She added, “When we say fight for Lagos, we are not saying you should bring out cutlasses and knives but to bring out your PVCs and use it to install a better governance for yourself and your children.

“I bring a good news to you women that Jandor (Adediran) has made provision for women, children and people living with disabilities,” she said.

Akindele said that the next government would be for women, men, children, old, young and special children.

She urged the traders to go and pick up their Permabent Boters Cards (PVCs) and vote for PDP candidates in all the elections to bring relief to their hardship in the state

Akindele said that: “I will never represent bad deal and that is why I am standing with Jandor (Adediran). We want to take over Lagos state so that we can give you a better Lagos.

“Go and collect your PVCs if you have yours already, please on election day, come out and vote PDP. 

“We need a change. The one APC did is enough, we must do another party. Vote all PDP candidates, I beg.”

Akindele, who urged marketers to troop out en mass to vote PDP, assuring them that she would not let the people of the state down.

“I will not disappoint you, we shall protect you and your children as well as the physically challenged people. Let us try PDP and bring in fresh air. We won’t let you down. 

“The time has come for a turnaround in the state.  We will not renege on promises. We shall reform and turnaround Lagos with the huge wealth in the state. 

“We shall build modern markers, provide soft loans, fire service and mobile health care close to markets. Lagos has money to do these.

‘”We will make sure we protect our youths, we will empower them. We will make a change,” she assured.

In an interactive session with Market leaders at Ajah Market, Akindele said that with PDP at the helms of affairs in Lagos State, many of the tears of the traders would be wiped away.

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