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Won’t Go Low, Join Fights With Enemies With Character Flaws – Atiku


Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate, has stated that he will not descend to the low level of personal attacks and lies being spread by his opponents, nor will he join arguments with those who, in an effort to hide their character flaws, use mudslinging and foul language to disparage their fellow candidates.

Atiku stated that he would rather take the high road of decency and statesmanship to continue advancing his manifesto, adding that he is absolutely committed to his contract with Nigeria.

Atiku, in a statement said: “I have since resolved not to descend to the low level of personal attacks and lies being peddled by my opponents. Nor will I join issues with those who, in an attempt to cover their character deficiencies, resort to mudslinging and gutter language, in a desperate attempt to disparage their fellow contestants.

“I’d rather take the high road of dignity and statesmanship to continue to advance our manifesto, as we continue to inform the Nigerian people of how the Atiku-Okowa government intends to stop the slip into the abyss by a country that is so blessed with human and natural resources.

“I will remind them about our past success when I served Nigeria meritoriously as the Vice President in the government that has been adjudged as the best so far since our return to democracy in 1999.

“I want to share our dreams and achievable development plans for our today and our future.”

He promised what he will do when elected as the President, adding, “we shall assemble a team of some of the brightest and best Nigerians that abound within the country and in the Diaspora to assist in rebuilding our country. This is my commitment and my contract with the Nigerian people.

“To this end, my priorities shall include but not limited to unifying the nation to give every citizen that is a Nigerian, every state and every gender, religion and ethnicity a sense of justice, inclusion, equity and trust.”

Atiku further explained that he will ensure that the nation is safe and secure in the country, adding that he government will be preoccupied with resetting the nation’s battered economy.

He said: “We shall not only ensure that all Nigerians are treated equally, but that they feel safe and secure as opposed to the regime of pervasive insecurity that has gripped the entire country for too long.

“We shall also be preoccupied with resetting Nigeria’s battered economy, especially finding sustainable solutions to the recurring issues of debt management, deficits, subsidies and the flagging value of the Naira.

“The boosting of crude oil production, stoppage of oil theft and ramping up of non-oil exports to improve earnings are also top on my priorities.

“The reset of our education, to drive our development agenda, and the restructuring of our socio-economic and political structures will be defining efforts of my administration.

“In addition, Diaspora remittances will be given serious attention, particularly now that it has exceeded Nigeria’s earnings from crude oil to shore up our much-needed foreign exchange needs.”

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