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Memoire of Chief Mrs Felicia Aderomi Adurodija

Chief Mrs Felicia Aderomi Adurodija was born on Tuesday 5th March 1940 to a humble Christain family of Late PA Gabriel Asubiojo Alike, Ajegelaibogudu grand son of Eminefo Ologori of Ogori and Mama Juliana Alike, the beloved daughter of Oba Fadipe Aisoni 11 the Ologori of Ogori. This shows that Chief :Mrs) Felicia Aderomilorun Adurodija was the beloved daughter of two ruling houses in the Ogori Kingdom.

Her father Gabriel was one of those early Christians that suffered for propagating Christianity in Ogoriland. According to history, I he was among the classes contemporaries of Eleko, Amode, Alabi and Okoro that built the first church in Ogori. Due to family issues, I have a left Ogori to Onumo in the present day Edo state with his wife. In Onumov he started evangelising and extended to Osomorika. It was he that brought Christianity to that part of Edo State.

Her father loved her so much, I he used to call her “ORE” (My friend). This family’s love for her did not allow her to start the schooling on time, not until Professor Ojo Ajayi from Ekiti State, who is a friend to her cousin Mr. C. O Aduloju visited Ogori and forced the family to send Aderomilorun to school.

She started schooling in March 1951 and obtained her First School Leaving at Certificate in December 1957. In school, she was the head girl of the school. She will was the runner in 220 yards and 440 yards race in the school. She was loved by all her classmates, till now they still call her head girl.

She taught as a provisional teacher before she gained admission into Kaduna train Teachers College, where she obtained her Grade 11 Teacher’s Certificate in the year 1963. In college, she was the best handicrafts student. Her knitting works were always presented to the college’s visitors.

She got married on 1st of September, 1963 to Chief Keef Philip Aiyedogbon Adurodija. She went back to Kabba Women Teacher’s college, where she obtained her Grade 11 Teacher’s Certificate where she maintained the position of the best student on handicrafts. During her teaching career, her weaving and knitting items sustained her family when salaries were not paid as when due for months.

In 1980.Late Bishop H. Y Haruna, the then Bishop of Kwara Diocese discovered her as the best craft woman in the Diocese and sent her to Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation, Kitwe Zambia in the year 1981. There she was trained in leadership skills and crafts. In Kitwe Zambia, she was pronounced the best student in crafts. She was made the woman leader during her stay in the the college.

She also attended Ahmadu Bello University Zaria 1985-1986, Where she obtained Diploma in Primary Schools Supervision and Administration. In the joined university , she also obtained excellent in practical work and credit in theory.

When she was teaching as a classroom teacher, her pupils called her mummy. Some still call her mummy even though they are now graduates and professors. Her school administrative career singled her out as a good administrator and a disciplinarian. Which earned her promotions in quick succession to Special Head Mistress before she voluntary retired on September 30th, 1990.

She was a hard working lady and very creative. Because of her activities in the church, the church council deemed it right to honour her with the chieftaincy title of Amujodun of At. Peter’s church Ogori. She also bagged the title of Oyinragun of Ebira land, a titled bestowed on her by the way Ohinoyi of Ebira land, His Royal Majesty Alj. (Dr) Ado Ibrahim in recognition of her industry and creativity.

Before and after retirement, her crafts feature prominently in all Local, National and International trade fairs in Nigeria and overseas. In 1988, at the First Better Life Trade Fair in Lagos, her beaded crafts won the first position and her Local Government (then Ilene Local Government) was given a shield and N500 cash for producing the best woman in craft. Because of this, Late Mariam Babangida asked the wife of the then Military Governor of Kwara State, Aliwali Kazzi to come and personally inspect Chief Mrs Felicia Aderomi Adurodija shop that year.

In many trade fairs, Kwara and Kogi states Government have benefited from her wide experiences in crafts. She established Decade Ventures Weaving Industry in 1980 and since then, she as trained over seventy girls and women in Kogi State and the nearby Edo State to be self employed.

Chief Mrs Felicia Aderomi Adurodija has one principle which is “No Failure in life” when your hands and legs are still strong and healthy. Rest in peace Omo Ajegelaibogudu, wife to Omo Asioku Ovie Gaga.

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