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We will Deal with Lawmakers in 2023 Elections- NLC Women

As 2023 general election approaches, the women wing of the Nigeria Labor Congress has threatened to mobilize women across the country to vote against law makers at the National Assembly who voted against the gender bill. In a peaceful rally in Abuja, asmost of the women who expressed their displeasure over the recent rejection of the bill by the National Assembly, said they are strategizing and will hit back on the law makers who have displayed their height of irresponsibility.
Speaking at the occasion, the Chair Person, NLC Women Political Commission, Comrade Salamatu Aliyu, who described their action as unfortunate, said the law makers have just proven that, they don’t value and have regards for the Nigerian women.

“It is unfortunate that the law makers decided recently that women women don’t matter, that they are not ready to work with women. Nigerian women are having constipation, you know when you eat the food and the food refuse to digest, you have constipation. Women in Nigeria today are having constipation from that decision of the law makers to throw away the baby and the bath water” She said.

” This one has shown us that our men who are representing us do not respect their mothers, do not see the values of their wives, their daughters, do not see the values of any woman in their families” she said.

“There is a difference between a Khaki and a leather. Because of the constipation they have caused us, we are going to draw a map for them. The Congress has a plan and our demands. He who fits into our demands is the person we are going to vote for.

“So, if you do not have a voter’s card, if there is any member of your family that doesn’t have a voter’s card, please make sure they get it because I believe each and every one of us here can cast ten votes in the family, a minimum of ten votes,” she said.

In her displeasure, the HOD, women and youth, NLC, Comrade Rita Guyit, said that the law makers have not only disappointed the Nigerian women, but the entire world, hence they lack women trust in leadership positions.
She added that the rejection of the bill serves as energizer, as Nigerian women are coming out stronger.

“We are here to join women all over the world, we have contributed a lot in our society. We are raising our voices to the National Assembly that they have disappointed world, we cannot trust them, they are not reliable, they are not responsible people, because any responsible people will not throw away gender bills. We know what women stand for, without women, the world will not be a safe place for anybody.”.

She added, “Infact the rejection of the bill if for anything has energized us, so we are strategizing and that is why we are coming up, like they say tactics in the war, don’t disclose your all your strategies, but let’s speak loud and clear, that for those men that voted against the gender bills, we are voting against them wherever they are”.

The women further disclosed that, Nigeria Labor Congress and its leadership is in full support of the women, and would do everything to get back on the law makers who voted against the bill.
The peaceful rally, was parts of the activities of the NLC women wing to mark the 2022 International Women Day Celebration.

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