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Women of the Right Hand: Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye Calls for Compassionate Leadership at RCCG Sister’s Convention

Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye, Wife of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and Mother in Israel, delivered a powerful message to welcome Sisters to their annual convention urging them to embrace compassionate leadership and service.

With a theme centered on “Women of the Right Hand,” Pastor Mrs Adeboye drew from biblical teachings to inspire women across the globe to step into their roles as influencers and change-makers, leading with empathy, kindness, and grace.

In her welcome address at the 2024 Sister’s Convention of FCT Province 7 held on Saturday in Abuja, quoting Matthew 25:33-46, Pastor Adeboye emphasized the significance of serving the least among us as a pathway to inheriting the kingdom of God. “The Bible tells us about the right hand of God, and our focus today is on how we can be women of the right hand, in accordance with Matthew 25:33-46,” she stated.

“RCCG women, we cannot close our eyes to the hungry, needy, homeless, sick, prisoners, drug addicts, and sex workers. Beyond extending our hands of fellowship to them, our hearts must be right as we profess Christ and engage in His work.”

Pastor Mrs Adeboye highlighted the profound impact that women in the RCCG have had through their dedication and labor of love in previous conferences. She expressed sincere appreciation for their efforts and prayed for divine rewards for their contributions. “Our theme this year is very apt and engaging for those who are discerning in the spirit with the scriptures and all that is happening around. It will cost us time, money, and our being, but it must be done if we do not only want to be at His right hand but also to sit with Christ as stated in Revelation 3:21,” she explained.

Drawing from various biblical passages, including Exodus 5:6, Matthew 22:44, Acts 2:33, Psalm 89:13, 98:1, and 118:15-16, Pastor Adeboye underscored the attributes and responsibilities of being at God’s right hand. She urged the attendees to embrace lives of greater impact, starting from their homes and extending to their relationships with husbands, children, in-laws, neighbors, friends, colleagues, members of the body of Christ, and all humanity.

“As we fellowship together in this conference, God is using this season to call all of us into a life of greater impact. I pray that grace will be released from God our Father, and this must start from our homes as we relate with our husbands, children, in-laws, neighbors, friends, colleagues, members of the body of Christ, and indeed those whom Christ specifically mentioned: the hungry, needy, sick, prisoners, and indeed all men, so as to draw many back into the light of Christ in Jesus’ name, amen,” she said.

Pastor Adeboye’s address was a clarion call to action, urging women to be steadfast in their faith and service. She encouraged them to labor together to embody the virtues of the right hand of God, making a significant impact in their communities and beyond.

“Once again, beloved, you are welcome! I wish you Godspeed as we labor together to make His right hand. God bless you all,” she concluded, leaving the audience inspired and motivated to pursue a life of compassionate service and leadership.

The conference, marked by deep spiritual reflections and practical exhortations, served as a powerful reminder of the transformative role that women can play in society when guided by faith and a commitment to God’s work.

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